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    Dr. Kamel to Witness Signing of Six Deals during Business Trip to Far East

    Date published: 1 March 2010

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel is due to witness the signing of six cooperation agreements during his coming business trip to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

    An Egyptian delegation led by Dr. Kamel and Minister of Investment Dr. Mahmoud Mohie Eddin will represent Egypt in the three visits.

    In addition to the two ministers, the Egyptian official delegation will comprise ICT leaders and representatives from Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), the Smart Village Company and Egypt Post as well as a trade mission of Egyptian ICT companies and civil society organizations.

    ITIDA will sign a cooperation agreement with Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF). The deal entails trade representation activities for small and medium-sized companies in the two countries, the creation of new, distinguished job opportunities in business development, IT products and service provision and training.

    The agreement reflects the desire of both countries to exchange expertise and partnership in organizing international ICT exhibitions and conferences. The two parties are expected to discuss SiTF's wish to have a presence in the Smart Village.

    Another agreement will be signed between Egypt Post and SingPost. The purpose of the deal is to improve traditional postal services and develop new, innovative valued-added ones.

    Such a goal can be achieved through information and experience exchange between the two countries, conforming to international standards that can eventually realize customer satisfaction in Egypt and Singapore.   

    Amongst the key areas of collaboration, based on the agreement, are a system for management of postal traffic, e-commerce applications and e-post. 

    Separately, Egypt Post will sign a deal with PosMalaysia. The agreement aims to improve and develop postal services and create new ones via information and expertise exchange between the two countries.

    The two parties seek to work on several areas of collaboration including electronic money orders, development of express mail, shipment of packages and reduction of time spent for handling postal mail through the dissemination and applications of best practices and experiences.

    The two sides will exchange consultations that are likely to serve the postal process between them. The agreement involves further cooperation between post experts in the Egypt and their counterparts in Malaysia. They will also form specialized work groups to study innovated services that depend on new technologies. 

    Moreover, an agreement will be signed between Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) and ITIDA. The purpose of the deal is to find an Egyptian-Malaysian business board that operates in IT. The council is likely to create a platform for the representation of Egyptian and Malaysian companies and business associations. 

    MTDC was set up by the government of Malaysia in 1992 to spearhead the development of technology businesses in the country. Its initial role is to concentrate on the promotion and commercialization of local research and investments in new ventures that can bring in new technologies from abroad.

    Meanwhile, an agreement will be inked by ITIDA and the International Multilateral Partnership against Cyber Threats (IMPACT). The two parties will cooperate in training, exchange expertise and data and work on joint projects related to protecting children from cyber threats.

    IMPACT is a Malaysian initiative that derived an international partnership to combat the dangers of the Internet whose higher committee is headed by the Malaysian premier. 

    IMPCT comprises international IT experts including Dr. Hamadoun Tour, Secretary-General of International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Mr. Vint Cert, Godfather of the Internet and CEOs of companies specialized in the field. 

    Two more agreements will be finally signed between a couple of Egyptian private sector companies and two companies in Malaysia and Singapore.

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