29 Oct 2020

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    Kenana Online Launches the Official Portal of the General Authority for Fish Resources Development

    Date published: 22 April 2010

    Based upon the agreements concluded between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, the official launching of the General Authority for Fish Resources Development portal (www.gafrd.org) took place on Thursday 22 April 2010, through Egypt ICT Trust Fund's Kenana Online portals.

    The launching took place in the MCIT Building in the presence of Dr. Hoda Baraka, First Assistant to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Director of Egypt ICT Trust Fund; Dr. Mohamed Fathy Mohamed Osman, President of the General Authority for Fish Resources Development; Engineer Hoda Dahroug, Deputy Director of Egypt ICT Trust Fund; the Community Development Portals team as well as a number of experts in the field of fish resources development.

    The celebration is a result of one year of cooperation between Egypt ICT Trust Fund, and the General Authority for Fish Resources Development, as the partner responsible for the content.

    The cooperation reflects the fulfillment of one of Egypt ICT Trust Fund's objectives of the establishment and development of specialized electronic knowledge portals, where the Fund provides training and technical and knowledge support for institutions and individuals interested in disseminating knowledge for development.

    In order to maintain the sustainability of services offered by the General Authority for Fish Resources Development, the portal was launched online to ensure that knowledge related to fish resources was reached by all Arabic speaking communities in Egypt and elsewhere. The number of portal visitors has increased to more than 58,000 visitors.

    The portal also provides support and technical consultancy services for fish farming systems, development of fish resources and management of fish hatcheries and veterinary nutrition.

    About Community Development Portal
    Kenana Online acts as a repository of locally pertinent information that helps citizens in rural and underprivileged areas improve their standards of living. The chief objective of the portal is to promote sustainable development and to integrate rural and urban communities into the knowledge society. It offers information on small enterprise development, industry, healthcare, agriculture and farming, educational and vocational training bedsides other socially and economically viable topics. 

    About Egypt ICT Trust Fund
    Established jointly by MCIT and UNDP in 2002, Egypt ICT Trust Fund aims to foster Egypts socio-economic development through a serious of coordinated initiatives and projects that utilize ICTs for the empowerment of communities through an integrated public-private partnerships model. This is achieved by increasing the awareness of ICTs and making it more acceptable and affordable to all citizens.

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