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    ITIDA Presents Seventh Export IT Program Results

    Date published: 12 July 2017

    The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), during its review of the final statement of the seventh edition of Export IT program held in February, announced that 100 Egyptian ICT companies received 40.98 million Egyptian Pounds.

    80% of the funding went to 93 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)and the remaining 20% went to large enterprises. 13 new companies joined the program for the first time, while 108 companies from different governorates of Egypt such as Cairo, Alexandria, Dakahlia, El-Gharbia, Ismailia, El-Sharqia and Suez applied for receiving the program support.

    Initial statistics of the 2016 program—which aims to analyze data on exports of ICT companies during 2015— states that Asia is on top of the most frequent destinations for importing ICT products and services of Egyptian companies that partook in the program. Other destinations such the Americas, Europe and Africa, respectively, followed.

    The United Arab Emirates, the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia and China are among the leading countries in the above destinations. Call Center services topped the list of exported services, followed by content management services, software and applications development and support services, and finally mobile application development services.

    As for the business sectors targeted by ICT companies when exporting their services and products, the telecommunications sector was on the top of the list followed by the consulting, research and publishing sectors, the information technology sector, and then the financial and banking services sector.

    ITIDA has set a number of new criteria in order to participate in this year's program edition, which has contributed to increasing the demand of other services such as e-signature services, where 132 companies obtained e-signature certificates to ensure the confidentiality of their data and electronic transactions.

    ITIDA has invited Egyptian companies exporting these services and products to apply for direct financial support, which amounts from 10% to 20%— according to the size of the company—from the added value of the 2015 exports and revenues.

    In a related context, identification workshops were held in Borg Al-Arab Technology Park and ITIDA premises in Smart Village, to encourage the participation of new companies—especially from other governorates, explain the terms and conditions and specify documents required and methods of applying. This is in addition to explaining how to use the electronic application of the program and how to sign electronically.

    ITIDA has adopted a new strategy to stimulate companies to increase their exports of products and services that are increasing in demand internationally. In its new edition, the program provides additional support for e-Design, e-Health and e-Gaming exports by an additional 2% to the stated percentage.

    The program aims to increase the number of beneficiaries to reach 1000 exporting companies in the near future, especially with the availability of all growth potentials. With the outstanding government support and ITIDA efforts, the program seeks to foster creativity and innovative ideas of young people and support local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to penetrate foreign markets.

    More than 150 Egyptian companies have managed to win the funding, estimated at about 231 million Egyptian pounds since the launch of the program in its first edition in 2010. This support motivated the Egyptian companies involved in the program to increase their exports of ICT products and services, which value reached 5.6 billion Egyptian pounds according to the statistics of the program in previous years and the export data provided by companies participating in the program.

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