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    MCIT Launches Women in ICT Awards

    Date published: 1 August 2017

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is launching “Women in ICT Awards”, a competition for females interested in the ICTs, where the application deadline is August 20 and the official sponsor of the award is Telecom Egypt (TE).

    The Competition features three tracks, the first is for developing a system or mobile/computer applications, the second is for marketing and selling products through a website developed by the applicant, while the third track is for developing an electronic device using ICT tools to serve the society or facilitate the daily life of society members.

    The product or application should have social and economic impacts and there should be beneficiaries. Target applicants are individuals or companies, provided that the founder of the company—or at least one of the founders—should be a female. In addition, the company’s founding should not exceed five years in which it realized revenues.

    First winner will receive 75000 Egyptian pounds, while the second will receive 35000 Egyptian pounds. As per companies, first award is  worth 100000 Egyptian pounds, and the second is worth 50000 Egyptian pounds.

    The Competition is in line with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s announcement of 2017 as the year of women. Its launch is part of a comprehensive initiative aimed at supporting and empowering women to use ICTs in all aspects of life in order to utilize their abilities and help them overcome challenges they face.

    MCIT launched “ICT for woman” e-portal in September 2016 to enhance the role of women and their opportunities in the ICT field, and to enable them through continuous education and training. MCIT Central Department of Information and Decision Support seeks to promote the portal nationwide and raise awareness of its objectives and services.

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