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    The Third Annual Meeting of the Internet Safety Project Kicks Off

    Date published: 4 July 2010

    In the context of the tremendous efforts stirring safety of knowledge transfer via the Internet, the third annual meeting of the Internet Safety Project will take place on July 5th, 2010 in Cairo.

    This year third meeting will gather project regional and domestic partners, as well as its beneficiaries and stakeholders to discuss the Internet Safety Projectís plans for 2010 and evaluate past years achievements.

    In an attempt to further build on the currently adopted strategies of the project  through concrete discussions between the projectís partners and beneficiaries including students, teachers, private sector companies, government representatives and civil society, the meeting aims to spread awareness about the projectís various objectives and call on all concerned parties to participate in executing its goals.

    Conforming to the Internet Safety Projectís mandate to create a safe Cyberspace environment for children and youth through the utilization of ICT and internet-based tools; the meeting will launch the Arab Internet Safety Portal (Amanak). www.amanak.org

    Possible partnerships between different Egyptian entities interested in taking serious steps to partner with the project and offer technical assistance to internet users, especially parents, will also be discussed.

    Session one of this event tackles technology solutions and child online safety. During this session, threats and problems facing the children online will be stressed, in addition to the solutions that can be taken to deal with these problems.

    Number of well-recognized experts will deliver their experience through participation in this project. It is also scheduled to sign a Letter of Intent on Child Online Safety by the internet service providers during this session.

    The attendance will also visit the Voice of the Governorates exhibition, to have a close overview of the activities and achievements of the project in the governorates.

    Session two, entitled "Stocktaking of The National e-Safety Working Groupís efforts in 2009- 2010" shows the last year achievements, in addition to the obstacles surmounted. This session also shows the role of the civil associations regarding the civil community and parents' activities regarding children online protection.

    During this session, youth will show their perspectives regarding cooperation for empowerment, e-Safety and dissemination of the culture of peace through ICT. Ministry of Education will also tackle Educatorsí Internet Safety Focus Group and Oracle concerning e- Learning platforms "Global Citizenship system".

    Also representatives from Ministry of Justice, showing the implementing regulation of the Child Code, and Ministry of Interior, showcasing the most important related statistics in this respect, will also participate in this session.

    Launched in September 2007 in the International Youth Forum in Sharm el-Sheikh, The Internet Safety Project has been proactive during the past years, participating in many international events.
    This third gathering is one of the meetings aiming at protecting children over the Internet, and combat online child abuses.

    About The Internet Safety Project
    First of its kind in the region, the Internet Safety Project was launched in 2007 at the International Youth Forum in Sharm el Sheik. The project utilizes ICTs and internet-based tools with the chief aim of spreading a culture of peace, tolerance and dialogue among youth through facilitating intercultural communication and understanding, empathy creation, skill development and internet safety awareness and knowledge among young people and other stakeholders.

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