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    PC in Every Home – Egypt’s latest ICT Success Story

    Cairo, 26 May 2003

    The PC in Every Home Project launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in December 2002 is continuously proving success. Dr. Ahmed Nazif, Minister of Communications and Information Technology announced that 27 000 pcs were sold since the launch of the Project.

    PC in Every Home offers citizens the option of owning a PC and paying its cost via installments - with no down payment - with the guarantee of their fixed phone line. After sales services including support and maintenance are features of the model and offered through service centers nationwide. In cooperation with Telecom Egypt, the national operator, Banque Misr and 14 IT private sector companies partner to implement and promote the project.

    Latest data on the purchasing criteria explain that 67% of orders originated from the Cairo Governorate; and 15% of orders originated from the Alexandria Governorate; while18% of orders originated from Upper Egypt, the Canal Zone and the Delta cities.

    A technical committee to monitor implementation and ensure the delivery of high quality services and technical specifications of equipment sold was formed by the Ministry. Other activities of the Committee also focus on inspecting participating distribution companies and sales’ outlets nationwide. Moreover, the Committee accepts suggestions and responds to complaints. Remarkably, to add value to the purchased product, Minister Nazif complemented the model with a bundle of locally produced software to be chosen by the customer.

    The model of PC in Every Home aims at activating the local market and industry; in addition, opportunities are there for local and foreign investments.

    The Project is a major component of the e-Access initiative launched by the Ministry as part of the recently launched Egypt’s Information Society Initiative.

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