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    Stock Riders Educational Program in IT Clubs Nationwide to Spread the Culture of Investment

    Cairo, 21 June 2004

    The trading floor of the Cairo Stock Exchange witnessed today the launch of the educational program Stock Riders in MCITís Information Technology Clubs. Dr. Ahmed Nazif, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Youssef Botros Ghali, Minister of Economy & Foreign Trade, Mr. Abdel Hamid Ibrahim, Chairman of Capital Markets Authority and Dr. Sameh El Torgoman, Chairman of the Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges, witnessed the launch ceremony and on this occasion, Minister Nazif inaugurated the trading session of the day.

    Stock Riders program aims at increasing public awareness of capital market investment in Egypt in a bid to promote the investment culture to breed the investors of the future. This program is to be spread nationwide announcing bimonthly competitions to attract the young investors.

    Stock Riders is a guide for youngsters to invest in the stock exchange; it is a game that enables players to live the real investment environment without real financial loss and with the highest degree of entertainment for players. It is a simple game that simulates the real trading with the real prices of trading of the Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges. Through this game the player is able to make investment decisions, within the competition round in a competitive atmosphere. Since the launch of the game in 2000, it has attracted more than 6000 players.

    The ITCs project is part of the Human Recourses Development Program at the Ministry. The primary function of the clubs is to address young people, including children with a message on IT and its role in shaping the life and relationships of all people, and in promoting creativity and competitiveness among the new generations. In this endeavor, the MCIT collaborates closely with the Ministries of Youth, Higher Education, Culture, Information, Education, and with NGOs, local governments and private-sector enterprises in the creation of the ITCs and in the dissemination of IT culture among all segments of the society. So far 736 Clubs are in operation and are expected to reach 1000 by the end of this month.

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