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    New CIT Projects Inaugurated in Aswan

    Aswan, 1 January 2005

    H.E. Dr. Tarek Kamel Minister of Communications and Information Technology (CIT) and Major General Samir Yousif, Aswan’s Governor, inaugurated a number of new CIT projects serving the citizens of Aswan. The new projects are within the framework the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) adopts to spread CIT services nationwide.

    During his visit to Aswan, part of Dr. Tarek Kamel’s in Upper Egypt, he met with some public figures and executive leaderships of Aswan. Some senior officials of the MCIT and Egypt Telecom attended the meeting.

    Minister Kamel and Governor Yousif inaugurated a digital phone exchange in Abu El Reesh village with a capacity of 3000 phone lines that cost eight million pounds. Additionally, they inaugurated new expansions at the Kom Ombo town digital phone central, provided recently with 5,000 extra lines making the overall capacity of the central reach 1,500 lines. The expansion cost 12 million pounds. They also commenced the new building of the South Aswan phone exchange which capacity is 20,000 lines costing 35 million pounds. Currently all phone exchanges are ready for immediate phone line contraction.

    Both international telephony and customer service center in west Aswan, modeled in 2004, were commenced. New lines contractions and extra value added services and subscribers’ accounts are what the center offers. Besides, a center for operating fiber optics network connecting all village phone exchanges with the central one in Luxor and through which fiber devices in the town are being operated and controlled was inaugurated.

    CIT projects, currently being implemented in Aswan, aim at delivering the telephony service to all major villages to reach 395 subordinates, out of a total number of 419 ones (95%). The service would be provided in those subordinates through the CDMA project. Currently, the fixed networks capacity has been expanded through installing some networks at a number of phone exchanges with a 24,500 lines capacity which are expected to be ready during this year. It’s worth mentioning that all phone exchanges activated in 1999 were digitalized. Lines installed in Aswan between 1999 and 2004 are estimated at 145,000 phone lines costing 250 million pounds.

    There are 52 phone exchanges in Aswan, containing 172,000 phone numbers, covering the whole governorate. The number of subscribers in Aswan reached 131,000 ones while the telephony density came up to 11.9%. 1090 public telephone cabins and 40 centrals and call centers and other service providers are also available in Aswan.

    Telecom Egypt’s future projects in Aswan includes delivering 53420 new phone lines by 2006, besides further expansions serving residential blocs to be implemented through the CDMA project requiring more than 150 million pounds of investments.

    As a successful attempt to spread technological awareness, Minister Kamel and the Aswan Governor, accompanied by Dr. Ikram Fathy, the Minister’s training and human resource advisor, inaugurated the IT Club of the Red Crescent Society that contains 15 computers. Now there are 21 available IT Clubs in Aswan comprising 266 computers. Two new ones are being established, whereas 10 new ones in different areas of Aswan are underway. The number of IT Clubs in Aswan will then be reaching 33 ones providing 434 PCs.

    Establishing new IT Clubs is part of the framework of spreading IT tools and technological knowledge and developing the skills of both the youth and older generations. This mission could be achieved through facilitating PCs and internet connectivity for all social classes at affordable prices with an emphasis on populous areas. IT Clubs are made available in youth centers, public libraries, non-governmental organizations (NGO)s, cultural centers, schools and universities.

    In the 2nd day of his visit to Aswan, Dr. Kamel, accompanied by Governor Yousif, inaugurated the “PC for Every Home” exhibition, organized under the umbrella of the “PC for Every Home” initiative that MCIT launched a few years ago. MCIT was fostering a promotional campaign directed to Upper Egypt that targeted the initiative’s sales activation in Upper Egypt. Aspiring the delivery of special products to customers everywhere, 11 manufacturing companies and 18 distributing ones took part in the two-day exhibition held in the engineers club.

    One of the most important aspects distinguishing the second stage of the “PC for Every Home” initiative is the interest in after the sales service concept, offering a three-year warranty and effective maintenance. 19246 is the hotline number dedicated for inquires and citizens’ complains.

    Meanwhile, Minister Kamel, the Aswan Governor and other senior officials opened a specialized CIT seminar, held on the sidelines of the “PC for Every Home” exhibition and chaired by Dr. Fathy. A number of officials and others interested in the field attended the seminar.

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