29 Oct 2020

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    MOU Signed between Egypt and Germany on e-authentication Agency and e-signature PKI

    Cairo, 22 June 2005

    Eng. Mohamed Omran, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA), and Dr. Van Bach, Secretary General of the German Ministry of Economics and Labor, co-signed a Memorandum of Understanding on establishing the infrastructure of the e-signature project and the higher authority of e-authentication. The agreement lies within the framework of the efforts exerted by Egypt to catch up with the developments in the IT era.

    The memorandum aims at establishing a well-founded base through a number of cooperative projects in the domains of e-signature and its service providers, e-commerce, e-authentication and smart card technologies. It will contribute to backing and developing the establishment of the e-signature Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and the higher e-authentication authority in order to accord with the successful German model and create an encouraging environment by spreading the concept of e-signature in Egypt and authenticating e-signature between the two countries.

    ITIDA has been established in January 2005 via Law no. 15 for 2004 on regulating e-signature. ITIDAs scope of work entails three major dimensions: encouraging the Egyptian ICT industry and in return creating an export-oriented ICT community, putting into effect Law no. 15 for 2004 including the regulation of e-signature services and other ICT, e-business and e-commerce activities and the electronic exchange of documents. Also, ITIDA targets the activation of the Intellectual Property (IP) Law no. 82 for 2002 on protecting databases and software programs.

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