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    ITI and Cairo University's Medicine Faculty Cooperation Protocol to implement “Health Care Informatics”

    Cairo, 18 January 2006

    Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Dr. Hany Helal, Minister of Higher Education have witnessed signing the cooperation protocol between Information Technology Institute (ITI) and Faculty of Medicine -Cairo University for implementing an IT-based Health Care program for medical practitioners. The model is to be executed in other sectors.

    That comes in the efforts done by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to implement the government’s plan to spread information technology to all sectors and use it inside the government’s administrative and services institutes that applies the plan of the ITI and its experience at the training programs as being an institute that aims to prepare specialists at such a field; thereby, ITI and Medicine Faculty-Cairo University have designed a complete program for health care informatics for specialists in the field of health care. Therefore, inaugurating the role of Information Technology so that the main path for developing health services. Notably, the program will be applied this current month.

    The training program aims to explain specialists at the field of health care to the importance of the role played by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology at the different health applications and administrative hospitals programs that includes top management for the faculty, hospital managers, doctors and employees at different administrative and technical departments. Such training program for employees at the health field will manage them to design and apply different decisions that composes the health care formula that starts with designing and filing health records for patients, coding different recordings, policies, and decision making appliance.

    Such an agreement will have 3 different training programs that will include:

    The first program is directed to the top managerial level that includes dean and the faculty, vices, chairmen of departments and hospital managers.

    The second program is directed to doctors and faculty staff that aims to define the components of the administration of the hospitals programs and describing the importance of its application.

    The third program is directed to the employees at the departments that are involved in health care including nursing, secretariats, and administration that are all related to health care and aims to define applications of informatics at health sector.

    The protocol was signed by Dr. Mohamed Salem, chairman of ITI and Dr. Madeha Khattab, Dean of Medicine faculty- Cairo University.

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