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    The Inauguration of New ICT Projects in Monofia

    Monofia, 1 June 2006

    Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology together with Monofia Governor, General Hassan Hemeda, inaugurate a number of new ICT projects in Monofia governorate.

    During his visit to Monofia, Dr. Kamel met with the Monofia public and executive leadership where he presented the implementation phases of the Egyptian Information Society Initiative and MCITís plan to facilitate ICT services nationwide.

    Dr. Kamel and General Hemeda first inaugurated the new expansions in Al Hamoul Phone Exchange that has a total capacity of 5,500 lines with an investment cost of 13 million pounds. In this retrospect, the numebr of phone exchanges in Monofia have reached 91 with a total capacity of 462,000 telephone and 391,000 subscribers; notably, Monofia telephone capacity has reached 12.1 percent with 1100 public phone cabins and 96 telecom offices.

    Eng. Akeel Besheir, Telecom Egypt Chairman presented the achievements of the company throughout the last five years and illustrated the provided services along with the upcoming expansions in Monofia .

    As part of the MCIT collaborative efforts to allow all society members to take an active role in the Information Society, Dr. Kamel along with General Hemeda and Dr. Ekram Fathy, Senior Advisor to the Minister for Human Resources and Training Programs, commenced the IT Club of the Red Cross Institution. The total number of inaugurated IT Clubs in Monofia have reached 48 with a total of 640 computers. Moreover, three other clubs are in the process of being inagurated in the governorate inaddition to another six in the planning process totalling the number of computers to a sum of 753.

    Dr. Fathy presented the Ministryís plan to spread IT Clubs allover Egyptís governorates jointly with Egyptian Universities, Youth Centers, and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

    Within the framework of actualizing MCIT plan for modernizing the National Postal Authority, Dr. Kamel, along with General Hemeda and the National Postal Authority (NPA) Chairman Eng. Alaa Fahmy, inaugurated Baghour Post Office.

    Post Offices at Monofia reached 212 office, 94 post agents, and 23 civil offices, in addition to 12 double-shifted offices. Monofia Postal Offices play a prominent role in facilitating and serving pensions with a monthly estimate of 28 million Pounds.

    Eng. Fahmy presented the services offered at the Post Offices which have reached over 3200 offices all over Egypt. He also presented the NPA plan to connect all Postal Offices in Egypt with one network making financial and postal transfers a more effective and efficient process.

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