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    CIT Minister Inaugurates ICICT 2006

    Cairo , 10 December 2006

    Dr Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, along with Dr Hany Helel, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Dr Yosry Al Gamal, Minister of Education, inaugurated today the 4th International Conference on Information and Communications Technology (ICICT) 2006: "Information Processing in the Service of Mankind and Health" held in Cairo from 10 - 12 December.
    Held under the auspices of Minister Kamel and organized by the Information Technology Institute (ITI), the conference focuses on Biomedical Informatics, which presents one of the pillars of the health care services in Egypt.

    Highlighting this field comes about as a continuation of an integrated plan the ITI commenced last year. The plan includes offering professional training programs in Biomedical Informatics - for the first time in Egypt – jointly with the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University and through knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP) between the ITI and some Egyptian companies operating in the field.

    Training will be provided to some health care professionals on designing and implementing the procedures and components of the health care model. 
    Amongst the main subjects the conference sheds light are: Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Telemedicine and E-Health.

    Dr William Hersh, Professor and Chair of the Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in USA, gave the keynote speech entitled: "Training the Health and Biomedical Informatics Workforce: Competencies and Approaches."

    Other speeches are scheduled to be given by a number of prominent researchers from all over the world including Switzerland, USA, Germany and organizations sponsoring this field like The National Library for Health (NLH).

    Moreover, the conference will be discussing about 70 scientific papers presented by researchers from different countries across the globe, namely the USA, Canada, Germany, Turkey, China, Australia and Egypt.

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