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    Minister Kamel Inaugurates New ICT Projects in Qalyubia

    Qalubia, 26 December 2006

    Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, along with Dr. Mahmoud Mohie Eddin, Minister of Investment, and Counselor Adly Hussein, Governor of Qalubia, inaugurated today a number of ICT projects in Qalubia governorate.  

    Kamel and Mohie Eddin met with the governmentĺs public and executive leaders at the beginning of their visit during which Dr. Kamel reviewed the progress of implementing the national outreach plan of ICT services.  He also discussed the current developmental projects in the field of Human Resources and Training and reviewed the advancement of the Egyptian ICT industry.

    Together with the governor, the two ministers had a tour during which they inaugurated Kafr El Sheikh telephone exchange after being renovated, as well as Banha IT Club at the National Studies Center and the IT club appended to Monshaa Youth Center. The two IT Clubs contain 30 computers.

    They also inaugurated Banha Post Office after renovation. Banha Post Office offers all mailing, financial and public services.

    The two ministers also inaugurated 15th of May Preparatory School for Girls in Banha, as well as a computer lab there equipped with 30 computers connected to the internet. This will help enrich the educational process, empower teachers, students and administrators to enhance their skills and integrate them into the ICT culture to be able to apply this culture to preparatory education. 

    This comes about within the framework of the Egyptian Education Initiative (EEI) which is being implemented by the MCIT.

    EEI has been launched during the World Economic Forum held in Sharm El Sheikh last May.

    Dr Hoda Baraka, First Assistant to CIT minister, gave a detailed presentation reviewing the points the EEI which are being conducted in 2000 preparatory schools.

    The project aims at incorporating IT into preparatory schools.  It will also contribute to the improvement of the overall educational process and enhance knowledge, comprehension and research abilities and encourage students to be creative and innovative.  Additionally, it will turn schools into productive units through the application of these skills, whether at the end of the school day or during the holidays as they become community education centers.

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