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    Nile University Academic Activities Kick off

    Cairo, 11 January 2007

    Under the auspices and in the presence of Premier Dr. Ahmed Nazif and the invitation of Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Dr Hany Helal, Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research, the Nile University academic activities kicked off Thursday January 11, 2007.

    As of the beginning of the academic year of 2007, the university will offer a number of academic masters degree programs in technology management, business administration and ICT (software engineering). 

    Academic degrees will be offered jointly with renowned international universities conforming to the highest quality standards in education.

    During the inaugural ceremony, Premier Nazif and the attendees witnessed the signing of three cooperation agreements among Nile University and prominent American universities. 

    Amongst these protocols are: Minnesota Protocol (Technological  Leadership Development Center), which will provide six subjects fulfilling masters degree requirements, including academic content and foreign professors. 

    The collaboration with Miami University includes offering four subjects, in addition to student and professor exchange programs between the two universities. Furthermore, Nile University students who enroll in Miami University programs are entitled to using all its academic resources like libraries. 

    The third protocol has been signed with the International Association for Management of Technology to promote the university’s activities in 85 countries, attract international professors and academic staff to teach at Nile University and participate in its diverse academic activities like international conferences and sessions.

    Also several agreements between the Egyptian Organization for Developing Technological Education and companies supporting the university’s academic activities like BP Egypt, Vodafone Egypt, MobiNil, TeleTech and El Nour Charity Organization.

    The university will start its activities by launching the following three programs:

    The Management of Technology (MOT) Program will be implemented in collaboration with the university of Minnesota – one the US renowned universities. 

    The Business Administration program will be offered cooperatively with the Spanish University – University of Navarra. 

    The Communications and Information Technology program (software engineering) will be offered in collaboration with the Software Engineering Competence Center, an affiliate of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency.

    The establishment of research and development excellence centers is also one of the university’s activities; in addition to creative and intellectual property affairs as well as Technology incubators.

    Nile University - located in Sheikh Zayed area, the 6th of October city, has been established under a presidential decree passed in 2006.  It is a non- profit organization whose profit is directed to sponsoring and supporting its activities. 

    The establishment of Nile University goes in line with the nation’s plan to develop communications and information technology, under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

    The university council is formed through the Egyptian Organization for Advanced Technological Education - another non – profit organization in which the MCIT is a partner. This very organization is another model for a public-private partnership.

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