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    Nile University Commences Academic Year

    Cairo, 18 April 2007

    Nile University (NU) announced the commencement of its academic year with the introduction of three new graduate-level degrees. Headquartered in the Smart Village, the NU offers masters degree programs in Information Technology Management, Business Administration and Information and Communications Technology (software engineering).

    The Management of Technology (MoT) Program is implemented jointly with University of Minnesota and University of Miami in compliance with standards of the International Association for Management of Technology, based in the United States, within the framework of a joint cooperation agreement.

    The second program is the NU Master Degree in ICT with a specialization in Software Engineering. The program will be executed in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC) which has strong ties with several American and European universities.

    The third program is the Nile MBA for managers and executives, applied in cooperation with the Spanish Business Administration College.

    NU President Tarek Khalil announced that the university is keen to offer scholarships for excelling students to encourage them to enroll in university and benefit from its programs.

    NU is a private not-for--profit university that invests its revenues in its educational operations to achieve an edge in the tech-related fields with a focus on developing the business and applicable science research skills.

    NU is considered an international research university that capitalizes on its cooperation with industrial authorities, universities and research centers in Egypt. NU complements the efforts of higher educations entities in Egypt taking into consideration meeting all the needs for economic and social development and is keen to establish grounds for cooperation with international universities besides attempting to tap the skills and expertise of Egyptians living abroad.

    NU operates under license from the Ministry of Higher Education and under the sponsorship of the Egyptian Association for the Development of Technological Education and with endorsement from MCIT.

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