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    MCIT Supports Digital Online Learning

    Cairo, 11 November 2008
    skoool™.com.eg, an interactive e-learning portal for Egyptian schools' students was launched today under the auspices of Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel and Minister of Education Dr. Yousry El-Gamal.

    Developed by Intel and localized by Edu Systems International, the award-winning skoool™ technology for digital online learning is the flagship website of the multimedia, multi-device learning solutions produced by Intel® Innovation Centre. The portal is set to be rolled out across schools in Egypt, as part of the Egyptian Education Initiative (EEI).

    MCIT supports such projects due to their function in providing e-learning material in Arabic. The project aims at facilitating interactive learning resources in mathematics and science conforming to the Egyptian curricula. 
    The project comes as part of the Egyptian Government's strategy of utilizing ICTs in development, especially with regards to education. It comes as a bid to further spread ICT usage in the Egyptian society and enable youngsters to interact with technology. Such a strategy is being carried out through public-private partnerships (PPP)s.

    "Student motivation increases significantly with the ability to interact, communicate and collaborate through technology in Arabic," said Dr Hoda Baraka, Director of the Egyptian Education Initiative (EEI) and First Deputy to Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

    "It is therefore one of our priorities to introduce such education platforms as skoool™.com.eg to Egypt," she added.

    The main features of skoool™.com.eg include: learning objects (LearnSteps), simulations (LearnSims), exam centre study notes, exam guides for maths and integrated science as well as study and revision tips.

    Such an interactive learning platform creates a positive educational atmosphere for both the students and teachers.

    The interactive and innovative teaching platform of skoool™.com.eg provides advanced learning and teaching technologies to students and educators in a controlled and consistent environment.

    One of the unique features of skoool™.com.eg is that it aids students in multi-media learning and research, offers open-ended learning tools, encourages project-based learning and enables students from different schools to share information while developing important teamwork skills.

    This development in Egypt makes the best localized digital content accessible to the country's youth.

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