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    Dr. Kamel Inaugurates the New ITI branch in Alexandria, International Outsourcing Center of Sutherland, and other Projects in the Field of ICT and Post

    Alexandria, 22 July 2010

    Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Alexandria Governor, General Adel Labib, inaugurated today a number of new projects in the fields of information and communication technology (ICT) and post in Alexandria.

    The inaugural tour began by holding a meeting with the public and executive leaderships of the governorate at the municipality premises.

    Following the meeting, they commenced the new branch of Information Technology Institute (ITI), an affiliate of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), in Alexandria.

    Opening a new ITI branch is part of the strategy of distributing ITI premises outside the capital to boost the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry and ICT in general nationwide, in Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, and Asiut last January. The inauguration was witnessed by a number of ICT, Higher Education, and Alexandria government principals.

    The new ITI branch is the outcome of MCIT policy of spreading ICT outside Cairo, as it changes the ICT map in Egypt, in a trial to develop ICT market in Egypt governorates, qualifying high calibers to attract more investments and more chances in the field of outsourcing.

    Since its establishment in 1993, the ITI has led a pioneer role in capacity building in Egypt, graduating more quality calibers involved in ICT market, whether inside outside Egypt.

    The ITI helps mainly in deploying ICT MCIT policy concerning developing ICT exports, and its plan to connect Egyptian ICT with Innovation, a priority adopted by MCIT in the coming phase.

    In the context of creating better partnership opportunities, especially with local and international entities to provide professional graduates, ITI in Alexandria has activated KTP program with companies in Alexandria, which led to a higher numbers of employment opportunities after their graduation.

    ITI has been capable of providing practical training in companies for almost 85 % of batch (30), and the number of students capable of joining real jobs before graduation has been 60 %.

    ITI, in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and ITIDA, implemented EDUEgypt program to qualify skilled students in more than 30 colleges, in 10 Egyptian Universities, meeting the demand of outsourcing and exporting ICT services from USD 1 billion to 2 USD billion by 2013.

    EDUEgypt is mainly concerned about developing Egyptian university students before graduation, and it has achieved great success. The program has started its activities in Alexandria in 2008/2009, with Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Arts students. 224 students have been trained in the fourth year.

    In 2009/2010, the program has included Faculty of Tourism students. Currently, 209 students in the fourth year, and 414 students in the third year, are involved in the training program.

    Early qualifying tests have been started to accept more students for the next year. 2800 students have been applying for the test, of which 1128 have been accepted.

    The future plan for the ITI has included doubling the number of students in the professional training in all its branches in all ITI branches. Training is an essential phase in the ICT cycle, which is an important element the ITI is always keen to perfect.

    Dr. Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, General Adel Labib, Alexandria Governor also witnessed the third symposium of "Green ICT", in a series of social symposia organized by ITI and Alexandria Governorate to spread social awareness of latest ICT applications in different fields.

    The Dr. Kamel and General Adel Labib also toured the Innovation In ICT exhibition, which aimed at showing the latest Green ICT applications in companies working in Alexandria. A number of ICT leaders of Alexandria ITI graduates participated in this exhibition showcasing their capabilities in this field.

    The meeting was attended by experts of university professors, researchers, ICT companies, governmental bodies, international entities, and students, aiming at developing recommendations about Green ICT future in Egypt.

    As an outcome of the ministerial mission to the United States last June, led by Dr. Kamel, the American company Sutherland opened its first international branch in Alexandria. During this mission Sutherland and ITIDA signed a memorandum of understanding concerning this matter.

    The new international branch will offer more than 1000 jobs for professional Egyptian graduates to provide ICT services both in English and French around the globe.

    This branch in Alexandria is a proof for the diversity of the skills in the Egyptian cities, especially in Alexandria, which has been stated for the first time in international reports of overseas services. The American company hosts 29000 professional employees in 8 countries all over the world.

    Dr. Kamel and general Labib also inaugurated other new projects in ICT and post. Both of them, accompanied by Telecom Egypt (TE) Chairman Eng. Aqil Beshir, and TE CEO and Managing Director Eng. Tarek Tantawy, inaugurated customer services center in Sidi Gaber, after being modeled and upgraded, with a total cost of L.E. 2.5 million.

    The center meets all customersí demands, like requests for new lines, selling added value services, local and international calling, telegraph, fax, bill inquiry and collection, selling different prepaid cards, and other new services. The center also contains TE DATA representatives to provide ADSL to the governorate.

    The future plan for developing telecom projects in Alexandria focuses on increasing the capacity of exchanges and landline networks to meet the growing needs of the governorate. In addition, the plan involves the finalization of a CDMA network that covers Alexandria via 47 base transceiver stations (BTS) at a 101574 line-capacity.

    The landline service has been delivered to more than 59361 subscribers till now. Service delivery is underway for remote areas where it is difficult to install ground networks.

    Investments in telecom infrastructure in the governorate during the time from October 1999 to end of 2009 account for about LE 10.54 million.

    A total of 62 exchanges centers are available in Alexandria encompassing more than 10.64915 subscribers.

    The phone density in the governorate reached 24.4% per capita, and 93.7 % per family. ADSL subscribers in Alexandria are now 154 659,  A total of 2669 public phones, 61 communication centers and offices besides other private ones are available in the governorate.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Kamel, general Labib, along with Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) Acting Chairman Dr. Ashraf Zaki, inaugurated Smouha Post Office. The office provides 9 outlets for pensioners, 6 for parcels.

    The office also provides all financial and postal services for citizens as well as international express mail and electronic tracking via IPS system.

    The office has been provided with computers to offer current account services, immediate and regular money transfer, packages, cashing of checks and monthly pension cashing for more than 5100 pensioners, of which 100 are home delivered.

    The Alexandria postal zone consists of 146 post offices; 135 of them are automated. And 15 of them are opening for an evening shift, to meet customers demands.

    Saving accounts in the zone amount to more than 1.500.000 accounts and Smouha post office includes 449 accounts.

    More than 300,000 pensioners receive their monthly payments from the post office including the social solitary pension. Pensions are also delivered to the homes of 12,000 beneficiaries.

    Also Dr. Kamel, general Labib, attended Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria meeting. During this meeting, joint projects between MCIT and Chamber of Commerce were showcased; developing communication centers turning them into social services centers, establishing geographical data system, middle and small companies and retail traders capacity building "Traders Academy", and spreading Chamber of Commerce data in the new sites of the Chamber, are some of them.

    Among these projects, more than 73 communication centers were developed and turned into centers for socials services. Also establishing geographical data unit in the Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria, providing it with the needed systems and devices.

    The projects also contain qualifying 1000 retailers in Alexandria (Traders Academy) and train them for ICT and business management essentials. During this project, a training laboratory has been developed, and 10 trainers have been prepared, in addition to implement training courses for 1000 traders in Alexandria. 450 traders have also received ICT essential training.

    During this meeting, chaired by Mr. Ahmed Elwakil, chairman of chamber of commerce union, and chairman of Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria, and attended by Dr. Kamel and General Labib, Dr. Kamel stressed the necessity of completing these projects. Such projects, according to Dr. Kamel, provide assistance to traders and entrepreneurs.

    Of such projects automating markets and prices of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria, and connecting it with its premises in El- Raml station, and center of excellence project to serve traders, and automation of industrial and commercial licensing, as it is the case with Cairo center of excellence.

    About ITI
    The Information Technology Institute (ITI) was founded in 1992 by the Government of Egyptís Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) to assist in paving the way for the evolution of a knowledge-based society by developing a new generation of professionals. Due to its pivotal role in the development of the ICT field, Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif transferred the affiliation of ITI to MCIT in April 2005. Every year, ITI accepts a limited number of graduates of any discipline for its training program, which offers 14 different specializations. The programís success has resulted in some 5,000 graduates a year applying for places.

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