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    Dr. Kamel Witnesses Singing Agreements on Upgrading Community Services Call Centers

    Cairo, 7 April 2008

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel witnessed  today the signing of a number of cooperation agreements between Egyptian Company for Community Services and Telecom Egypt (TE), Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO), TEData and MobiNil.

    The agreements aim at upgrading call centers and turning them into community service centers serving the Egyptian citizens in different areas.

    Cairo Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mr. Ali Moussa also witnessed the signing of the agreements that are endorsed by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and Cairo Chamber of Commerce.

    The upgrade of these centers is based on three tracks. The first is concerned with the technological infrastructure; the call centers will be equipped with computers, printers and internet connection as well as a local network inside each center.

    The second track defines a number of services the centers is expected to offer via Web Application Software following an agreement with service providers.

    The third track is dedicated to the human resource development of the personnel working at the centers, who will be trained on basic IT and customer service skills utilizing currently existing projects like the Tradesmen Academy.

    The centers agreed on forming an Egyptian investment company, the Egyptian Company for Community Services to be the independent entity cooperating with the different State organizations including Telecom Egypt, ENPO, MobiNil and TE Data. The collaboration will be put into action through applying the basis of transparent competition among those working in the sector within a distinguished framework of public-private partnership.

    More than 30,000 call centers are spread nationwide offering thousands of job opportunities to Egypt's youth.

    Ministry of Communications and Information Technology had earlier signed a cooperation protocol with the Cairo Chamber of Commerce to develop the centers. 

    Last year, Minister Kamel launched an initiative aiming to upgrade 100 centers to further enhance its activities directed to the all segments of the society, believing in their vital role in serving the community. The centers were carefully chosen based on specific criteria to connect people with the different governmental service entities.

    Egyptian Community Services Company Chairman Mr. Ehbab El-Saeid signed the agreement with: TE Chairman Eng. Aqil Beshir, ENPO Chairman Eng. Alaa Fahmy, MobiNil's Government Relations Manager Eng. Hisham Zuhair and TE Data CEO Eng. Azza Turk.

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