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    Dr. Kamel Inaugurates Sixth ICICT 2008

    Cairo, 16 December 2008

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel along with Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Hany Helal inaugurated today the sixth International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies (ICICT 2008) held from 16–18 December in Cairo.

    Organized by the Information Technology Institute (ITI) in cooperation with the IEEE Section in Egypt under the title "Human Capital Development for Progress," this year’s conference aims at expanding the interest circle of the ICT field as well as shedding light on the efforts exerted in developing human resources on different levels in all domains.

    In his speech before the conference, Minister Kamel stressed on human capital as Egypt's competitive advantage core pillar together with being a chief drive of the country's development and modernization in all sectors.

    Dr. Kamel noted that Egypt depends on its human resources in its pursuit to gain a considerable share of business process outsourcing (BPO) services exports to regional and international markets.

    The conference comes within the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology's efforts to put into force the State's plan of developing human resources.

    Additionally, the sixth ICICT 2008 is a key step in aligning with the ministry’s strategy of attracting further foreign investments to boost the ICT industry in Egypt which have been witnessing rapid growth throughout the recent years.

    The well-trained, competent Egyptian human capital has been the main reason behind Egypt's strong presence on the international arena and the world's employment market.

    In his speech, Minister Kamel referred to Egypt being awarded the "Outsourcing Destination of the Year" by the British National Outsourcing Association (NOA), which proves Egypt's current distinguished status among other countries.

    This, he added, qualifies Egypt to be a country attracting foreign investments in this domain due to its unique geographic location and the availability of distinguished human resources.

    On his part, Minister Helal stated that there are several agreements currently undertaken between MCIT and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research within a joint working model to help fresh graduates master IT and programming skills.

    Training programs, he added, are organized for undergraduate students rather than just training graduates as an important, additional step in view of the increasing need of qualified calibers in the outsourcing field.

    During the inaugural ceremony, ITI Director Dr. Mohamed Salem pointed out that one of the conference targets is to highlight the latest research studies conducted in human resource development.

    The conference program, Dr. Salem added, includes more than 20 sessions during which the most recent world research papers will be presented.

    Also two workshops will be held during which the challenges expected to face this industry in two areas will be discussed; namely employment and skill development of fresh graduates.

    In addition, the two workshops will tackle the outsourcing industry, which has received special attention due to its anticipated positive influence economy of Egypt. 

    Several experts from allover the world including representatives of national authorities, ICT companies together with researchers in the field and ICT leaders are expected to take part in the conference.

    Also about 400 specialists from Egypt, Arab and western countries will participate in the conference where a panel discussion on human development in ICT is scheduled to take place.

    Representatives of leading international companies, Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) and Ministry of Higher Education in addition to a number of visiting Egyptian professors will also contribute to the panel discussion.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Kamel witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol agreement between ITI and Egyptian e-Learning University. The protocol aims to enhance self and continuing education opportunities through the utilization state-of-the-art distance learning techniques.

    Based on the protocol, the two parties will design and carry out a number of specialized training pogroms for building the capacity of the teaching staff and administrative managers of the e-learning departments at universities, while providing the educational content, trainers and subject matter experts required for the training process.

    According to the agreement, Egyptian e-learning University will offer job opportunities throughout the protocol's two-year duration to some of ITI’s graduates specializing in the field.

    Separately, the two ministers, accompanied by Dr. Salem, toured the exhibition held by some specialized Egyptian companies on the sidelines of the conference. The exhibiting companies showcased their key achievements in the field of human resource development and training.

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