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    Prime Minister Nazif Inaugurates Automated Notarization Office in Arish

    Arish, 27 October 2008

    Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif along with Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel, North Sinai Governor General Mohamed Abdel-Fadil Shousha and Deputy Justice Minister Dr. Mohamed Hosni inaugurated today the Notarization Office in El-Arish city in North Sinai Governorate after being automated.

    The inaugural tour began by a detailed presentation by Dr. Hisham El-Deeb, the Supervisor of Information Infrastructure Sector at Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, demonstrating the achievements of the project since 2006. A short documentary on the project was also screened, shedding light on the automation of notarization offices at Ministry of Investment and the projectís future plans.

    Dr. Nazif also attended to a brief presentation on the upgraded work cycle where he praised the development accomplished at the office and the enhanced performance of its employees.

    The service processing time after the upgrade was reduced. One citizen's service can be handled in only ten minutes.

    Premier Nazif looked into the automated file that keeps citizens' documents safe as well as the National ID reader that saves time and validates citizensí data.

    The newly upgraded office in North Sinai comes as part of the ambitious Automation of Notarization Offices project launched by MCIT in cooperation with Ministry of Justice in 2004. The project's second phase includes the automation of 50 offices nationwide, 30 of which have already been automated with 95% of their operations mechanized. 

    About 250 daily operations (around 6,000 operations /month) are being scanned and archived every day at the office and added to the project's database.

    The project aims at optimizing performance at governmental agencies as well as upgrading their workflow system to facilitate better quality of services delivery for the Egyptian citizens.

    The project applies a unified model to be replicated at all notarization offices allover Egypt. The model has already been applied in Ismailia Governorate, and Cairo's neighborhoods of Al-Zaytoun, Al-Azbakia and Kasr El-Nil.

    To broaden the service base, the website www.twseek.gov.eg was built to offer some of the services of the registry offices in Egypt.

    The Central Information Center of the registry and notarization offices was established based on state-of-the-art IT tools for managing notarization offices nationwide. About 25,000 procurations are being released every month via the automated system.

    The project aims at upgrading services provision at notarization offices, raising employees performance, simplifying procedures for the citizens to acquire documents, facilitating protection and safety for the documents and helping decision makers in the monitoring, supervision and follow-up processes.

    The new automated system worked out the slow flow of work operations and the finalization of procedures, protected procedural work from possible human mistakes and saved the office space that was rather occupied in archiving. The system also facilitated the processes of issuing reports and statistics required by higher management for decision making.

    One of the project's achievements is the reengineering of websites, which helped reduce over crowdedness at notarization offices. An integrated automated system was applied that copes with the developed work cycles and organizes the movement of citizens inside the offices.

    The Automation of Notarization Offices further offers local ICT companies the opportunity to build up their experience through the practical work on the project, which helps them have a presence in regional and international markets as well as export the acquired know-how and young calibers to other countries. The project facilitated 120 job opportunities for young calibers. 

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