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    MCIT Signs Cooperation Agreement with Alexandria University on Upgrading the University Hospitals

    Alexandria, 30 July 2009

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel and Minister of State for Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Hani Helal witnessed today the signing of a cooperation agreement between Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and Alexandria University.

    The deal aims at using information and communications technology (ICT) tools in the upgrade project of the seven hospitals of Alexandria University, namely: Nariman Hospital, Borg El-Arab Hospital, the Medical Complex, El-Shatby Hospital, El-Mowasah Hospital, the Students' Hospital and the Institute for Medical Research.

    First Deputy to Minister of Communications and IT Dr. Hoda Baraka and Alexandria University President Dr. Hassan Nadir Khairallah signed the agreement. 
    To achieve the agreement's goal, modern technological mechanisms will be utilized in the programs of hospitals. Also technology will be made use of in boosting management efficiency, service management, the simplification of the work cycles and the quick response to emergencies and patients' needs.
    Based on the agreement, the local networks of some buildings at the above hospitals will be upgraded and applications for distance medical treatment will be used. The hospitals will be equipped with the required servers and computers for managing the hospitals information system and the central information center.

    The agreement also stipulates putting into force an information system for the hospitals administrations and the services offered through them. The system includes:

    • The management of pharmacies annexed to hospitals as well as external clinics and internal departments including labs and radiology sectors.
    • The management of patients' files.
    • The extraction of old authenticated data from patients' records, administrative and financial data, etc. and computerizing them on the new applications that will be supplied.
    • A human resource management system for personnel.
    • The organization of patient's accounts through connecting the hospitals' management system to an integrated accounting system for hospitals.
    • And linking the hospitals' management system and that of the medical records to the smart cards system.

    The two-year agreement will be carried out over two phases. The first phase includes the following:

    • The upgrade of the local network of the Medical Complex and Nariman and El-Shatbi and El-Mowasah hospitals.
    • The preparation of a lab for six buildings at the Medical Complex and three labs at El-Shabti hospital.
    • The development of the central information center by providing it with servers and home networking adapters.
    • A network connection between the Medical Complex and El-Shabti hospital through a WAN.

    The second stage encompasses the following:

    • The finalization of the upgrade of local networks for the remaining hospitals.
    • The completion of the operations of the hospitals' management systems inside the rest of the hospitals included in the agreement.
    • Finishing the network connection of the rest of the hospitals through a WAN based on the achievements of phase one.

    The agreement goes in line with the national project carried out by MCIT in cooperation with all ministries and governmental organizations to put into action the Egyptian Information Society Initiative (EISI).

    EISI aims to transform Egypt into an information-based society that conforms to the National Technology Project declared by President Hosni Mubarak. MCIT has set the suitable plan for implementing the project.

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