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    ICICT 2009 Concludes, MCIT and Ministry of Higher Education Sign Cooperation Agreement

    Cairo, 16 December 2009

    The seventh International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies (ICICT 2009) was concluded today.

    Organized by Information Technology Institute (ITI) in cooperation with the IEEE Section in Egypt, the conference was entitled: "Human Capital Development for Progress." The three-day event was held under the auspices of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

    ICICT 2009 tackled the issue of human resources in ICT whose importance turned into the focus of all parties concerned in the field.

    Success stories and experiences of Egyptian and international companies in Egypt and abroad were presented during the conference.

    Moreover, the meeting highlighted the latest scientific and applied research studies on HR, discussing expectations and challenges facing Egypt as to developing the field.

    The significance of the conference this year was derived of its discussions on challenges and means of boosting the promising field of business process outsourcing (BPO).

    Meanwhile, Minister of ICT Dr. Tarek Kamel and Minister of Education and State for Scientific Research Dr. Hani Helal witnessed on the last day of the conference the signing of a cooperation protocol between the two ministries.

    ITI represented MCIT and Egyptian E-Learning University (EELU) represented Ministry of Education and State for Scientific Research in the agreement.  
    The protocol comes as part of Ministry of Higher Education's efforts to develop the educational system in Egypt and raise its competence to absorb the increasing number of students. The two parties exchange expertise in designing and carrying out e-learning programs.

    EELU was established in August 2008 based on presidential decree number 233 to provide distance learning. EELU offers educational opportunities to learners who cannot attend a campus university.

    The protocol aims to design and implement a number of training programs for developing the skills of the university teaching staff, senior management, the developers of educational curricula and the directors of e-learning at EELU.

    ITI cooperates with EELU in turning some of ITI's curricula into an electronic form. Some of these educational materials are used at EELU as complementary subjects to enrich the educational process at the university.

    Dr. Kamel stated that the cooperation between MCIT and Ministry of Higher Education comes on top of MCIT's priorities.

    Such bilateral cooperation, he explained, is part of the integrated strategy of Ministry of Higher Education to improve education and raise performance via the use of ICT on the educational, research and administrative levels. This in turn, he added, will help create new educational methodologies and have the EELU operations fully automated.  

    For his part, Dr. Helal noted that the agreement supports the strategy of the ministry as well as the capabilities of research in Egypt via the use of ICT tools.

    The cooperation between ITI and EELU, he added, is a serious step toward building a distinguished scientific and technological base.

    Dr. Helal further pointed out that EELU is an added value for the educational model in Egypt carried out in cooperation with major international universities and research centers. 

    ITI Director Dr. Mohamed Salem said that based on the protocol, the institute offers consultancy services in the areas of designing educational e-courses and quality assessment.

    ITI, he added, also raises the awareness of the EELU curricula production team through workshops on E-Courses Development Process.

    In addition, ITI offers training on interpersonal skills for the university students. EELU has been made part of EDUEgypt project under the Egyptian Universities Network to gain all the rights and benefits the project offers.
    According to Managing Director of EELU Dr. Yasser Dakroury, the agreement stipulates that EELU will assess the training programs on the spot to check quality and efficiency as well as facilitate job opportunities for a number of the program graduates during the protocol duration.

    Dr. Dakroury added that the university will offer students training opportunities at EELU or its affiliated centers to help them practice the knowledge they acquire at the university.  

    About ITI
    The Information Technology Institute (ITI) was founded in 1992 by the Government of Egypt’s Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) to assist in paving the way for the evolution of a knowledge-based society by developing a new generation of professionals. Due to its pivotal role in the development of the ICT field, Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif transferred the affiliation of ITI to MCIT in April 2005. Every year, ITI accepts a limited number of graduates of any discipline for its training program, which offers 14 different specializations. The program’s success has resulted in some 5,000 graduates a year applying for places.

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