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    New ICT Projects Inaugurated in Beheira

    Beheira, 26 August 2008

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel together with Beheira Governor General Mohamed Shaarawy inaugurated today a number of new ICT projects in the governorate.

    Dr. Kamel and Governor Shaarawy began their inaugural tour at Mubarak Cultural Complex in Damanhour City with meeting the public and executive leadership of Alexandria where the minister gave a speech demonstrating several ICT services and issues of interest to Egyptian citizens and the State's latest key achievements in this domain.

    Dr. Kamel also presented the phases of carrying out the Egyptian Information Society Initiative (EISI) different tracks in cooperation with Egyptian ministries, agencies and bodies in a bid to turn Egypt into an information-based society.

    Dr. Kamel and General Shaarawy together with Telecom Egypt Chairman Eng. Aqil Beshir inaugurated new expansions at East Damanhour Exchanges Center after being upgraded and re-modeled. The center's capacity had been increased from 25,000 lines to 45,000 on stages at the cost of LE 50 million before opening it to immediate receipt of new landlines orders.
    A new hall for customer service was also added to the center.

    Minister Kamel and Governor Shaarawy also toured the communications and customer support center annexed to the exchange center after being renovated. Several services are being offered through the center like sales of extra phone lines, home pre-paid cards, pre-paid public phone cards; ,phone bill inquiries and collection of fees in addition to sales of provision the pin code and managing customers' accounts. Total center upgrade cost is LE 1,5 million.

    Total Investment cost in telecommunications in Beheira amounted to almost LE 505 million during the time from October 1999 to end of 2007.

    The future plan for communications projects in the governorate encompasses an increase in the exchanges capacity and landline networks to meet the increasing need. The plan also involves the finalization of the CDMA network in Beheira through 22 Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) at a 43,725 line-capacity. A total of 27,720 lines have been delivered via the network so far.

    The landline service delivery is underway for remote subscribers and hard-to-reach areas through ground networks in Beheira. Seven other stations are being installed in the governorate.

    A total of 131 exchange centers are available in Beheira serving about 439,000 subscribers. The phone density in the governorate is 9.1%. Number of public phones in the governorate is 1,272 in addition to 66 public communications centers besides the private ones.

    Separately, Dr. Kamel and General Shaarawy commenced Mahdmoudia Central Post Office and Governmental Complex Post Office after being upgraded. The two offices offer a variety of postal and financial services for citizens after being equipped with computers to offer current account services, money orders, packages and check cashing and pensions.

    Central Mahmoudia Post Office cashes about 2200 pensions and delivers more than 120 ones to the beneficiaries' homes, while Governmental Complex Post Office cashes about 1875 pensions and delivers 120 others to homes. The two offices also offer saving accounts, collection of phone bills and net courier services.

    A total of 165 post offices are available in Beheira, five of which operate on evening shifts to meet the citizens' needs, especially at the time of cashing pensions. The governorate also includes post agencies and public offices. About LE 1,67 bn were deposited in 669 accounts in Beheira post offices till March 2008.

    Meanwhile, Governor Shaarawy and Minister Kamel accompanied by the Minister's Senior Advisor for Human Resources and Training Dr. Ekram Fathy inaugurated the new IT club at Damanhour Sports Club. The technology club includes 12 computers connected to broadband internet to serve citizens of all age groups. Now there are 56 technology clubs equipped with 712 computers in Beheira. Eight more clubs are expected to be established there.

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