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    New ICT Projects Inaugurated in Fayoum

    Fayoum, 29 October 2008

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel along with Fayoum Governor Dr. Galal Mostafa Saied inaugurated today in the governorate of Fayoum a number of new projects in the fields of information and communications technology (ICT) and post.
    Dr. Kamel and Governor Saied began their inaugural tour at the governorate premisse with meeting the public and executive leadership of Fayoum.

    Minister Kamel, Governor Saied and Telecom Egypt Chairman Eng. Aqil Beshir inaugurated Zawyet El-Kirdasa Digital Telephone Exchange after being re-modeled and upgraded. The center's capacity is 2,940 lines with an upgrade total cost of LE 10 million. The center is now ready to receive the public's requests.

    Separately, Dr. Kamel and Dr. Saeid commenced the customer service office at El-Horria Telephone Exchange after being re-modeled and upgraded.

    The office upgrade cost is estimated to be LE 500,000.  The office is designed and equipped to offer diverse services like selling extra phone features, receiving phone bill inquiries, collecting fees, selling charging cards and providing pin code service and customer accounts. TE Data will offer its services through the center.

    Investments in telecommunications in Fayoum from October 1999 until end of 2007 accounts for about LE 251 million. Increasing the capacities of exchanges and landline networks to meet the increasing need for phone lines and services are on top of the governorateĺs agenda of communications projects.

    The plan also involves the finalization of the CDMA network, which covers the governorate through seven base transceiver stations (BTS). The total capacity of the network is 7,635 lines. More than 6,900 subscribers have already been connected.

    Delivering the service is currently underway for the rest of subscribers to remote and hard to reach areas where land networks cannot be installed.

    A total of 61 exchanges centers are available in Fayoum serving about 197,000 subscribers with 7.7% capacity of about two million.

    Also 611 public phones, 89 centers and communications offices in addition to the private ones currently serve the governorate residents.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Kamel, Dr. Saeid and Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) Chairman Eng. Alaa Fahmy inaugurated Savings Post Office after being upgraded to offer citizens all advanced financial and postal services.

    The office has been equipped with computers to offer silver and golden savings accounts, money orders, Net Courier, checks, express mail, IPS and pension cashing.

    There are about 164 savings accounts at the post office. Also about 1,200 pensions are being cashed through it monthly.

    A total of 90 post offices are available in Fayoum; 10 of which operate on evening shifts to meet citizens' needs, especially at the time of cashing pensions. The governorate also includes post agencies and public offices.
    Fayoum post offices have about 260,000 savings accounts.

    Dr. Kamel and Dr. Saeid, accompanied by Senior Advisor to CIT Minister on Human Resources Development and Training Dr. Ekram Fathy, commenced the new IT Club at Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in Fayoum University.

    The club is equipped with 20 computers connected to ADSL. The total number of IT clubs in Fayoum, together with the newly inaugurated one, amounts to 52 containing with a total of 616 computers. It has been planned to establish nine new ones that will include 108 computers. 

    Dr. Kamel and Dr. Saeid, in the presence of MCIT senior officials, met Fayoum University students. Minister Kamel demonstrated several issues, ICT services and the latest key achievements in this domain.

    Dr. Kamel also presented the phases of carrying out the tracks of the Egyptian Information Society Initiative (EISI) in cooperation with the Egyptian ministries, agencies and bodies in a bid to turn Egypt into an information-based society.

    Egypt, according to Dr. Kamel, achieved unprecedented steps in this field throughout the past years as testified by several specialized, international reports and indicators.

    Minister Kamel, Governor Saeid along with First Deputy to CIT Minister Dr. Hoda Baraka, Chairman of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce Mr. Mohamed Al-Masry, Chairman of Fayoum Chamber of Commerce Mr. Magdi Taha Gaballah and senior MCIT and Fayoum Commerce Chamber officials inaugurated the second phase of the Information Network Project of General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce at the Fayoum Commerce Chamber.

    In June 2006, phase II of the Generation Federation of Egyptian Commerce Chambers Information Network project kicked off following a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed among MCIT, the federation and Commercial Information Center (CIC). MCIT completed phase one of the project in September 2006.

    MCIT has equipped the Egyptian commerce chambers nationwide with the necessary technological infrastructure; namely servers, computers and their accessories, internet connection and the development of efficient systems and applications for offering the commerce chambers' services effectively to the trade community. MCIT also developed the federation's portal, enabling it to avail the required info to boost trade exchange operations, whether on the local, regional or international levels.

    The project aims at monitoring economic indicators, empowering the trade sector, enhancing the competitive edge of Egyptian trade companies, building up e-commerce and developing the efficiency of public trade management through investment development.

    This can be achieved by facilitating accurate and sufficient data within the spectrum of the commerce chambers operations to support decision makers via an integrated information system.

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