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    Dr. Kamel and Dr. Helal Witness Graduation of an NU Master Degree Batch on Research Day

    Cairo, 8 June 2010

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel and Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research Dr. Hani Helal witnessed today the graduation ceremony of a Nile University (NU) Masters Degree batch.

    The event was held during the NU annual Research Day organized under the title: "Scientific Research and its Ability to Form the Future.Ē 

    The 107-graduate student batch studied the following key specialties: Executive Master of Business Administration, Wireless Technologies, Software Engineering, Information Security, Construction Engineering and Management, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Management of Technology.
    Minister of Transport Eng. Alaa Fahmy also witnessed the celebration where he was introduced to Center for Intelligent Transportation Systems. The center was established by NU in a bid to keep pace with the rapid development of several research fields and their applications.

    The center utilizes state-of-the-art information and communication technology (ICT) applications in moderating transport and roads.

    Following the ceremony, Dr. Kamel and Dr. Helal inspected the research projects undertaken by the six research centers of NU.

    The centers are: Wireless Intelligent Networks Center, Center for Informatics Sciences, Center for Innovation and Competitiveness,  Nanoelectronics Intergrated Systems Center, Center for Nanotechnology and Center for Intelligent Transportation Systems. 

    These centers aim to enrich the advanced scientific research process in Egypt as well as to enable a wide base of researchers to deal with advanced technologies and use them in value added products. Such targets can be achieved in cooperation with international technology development companies.
    The NU Research Day has sought to initiate an open dialogue among academics, businessmen and industry leaders in Egypt to connect the industry with academic studies and meet its scientific needs via scientific research. This in turn will maximize the economic output and competitiveness of these research studies.

    NU professors held on the Research Day interactive sessions during which they discussed the latest research fields in nanotechnology, wireless technologies and informatics sciences.

    The Center for Nanotechnology, the universityís most recent research center, demonstrated diverse capabilities that aim to elevate the standard of applications depending on nanotechnology.

    NU professors at Wireless Intelligent Networks Center, which cooperates with the Ohio State University in the US, presented leading research studies in the field that are likely to develop a wireless model, provide high-speed information transfer as well as raise efficiency.

    The center has also discussed the projects carried out by six work groups specialized in applying ICT in health, agriculture and environment. Amongst them is a project on analyzing medical scans of cardiac patients, which helps identity the reasons for the illness.

    The Center for Innovation and Competitiveness contributed with specialized studies on means of developing Egyptís competitive performance in the international market through encouraging the spirit of innovation, creativity and leadership in these fields.
    The NU vision has always been based on cooperating with local and international companies through strategic partnerships in the ICT field.

    Nanoelectronics Integrated Systems Center works on microelectronics system designs. Hence, the university offers the society highly trained calibers capable of placing Egypt on the global map of such promising fields.

    By holding such gatherings, NU aims to contribute to opening new channels of dialogue and exchange of ideas and experiences among academics, businessmen and industry leaders.

    This creates a state of communication that will help make use of scientific research. Such research studies work on meeting the actual needs of the industry in different fields and, in turn, add to the Egyptian society and national economy. 

    About Nile University
    NU is a non-profit university that seeks to raise the quality of education and boost advanced scientific research in Egypt. The university aims to play the role of a key technology and management institution in Egypt and the region.NUís vision goes in line with the public interest of Egypt through providing the technology community with well-trained calibers. The university cooperates with Egyptian and foreign professors and scientists to make use of their expertise and connections.NU also collaborates with high-profile international universities and research centers like the Ohio State University, the University of Minnesota, the University of Central Florida in the US, the University of Seoul in Korea and the University of Navarra in Spain.

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