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    Dr. Kamel Inaugurates New ICT, Post Projects in Cairo

    Cairo, 12 March 2009

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel together with Cairo Governor Dr. Abdel Azim Wazir inaugurated today a number of new projects in the fields of ICT and post in Cairo governorate.

    Dr. Kamel and Dr. Wazir began their inaugural tour by meeting the public and executive leaderships of Cairo at the municipality premises.

    Following the meeting, Dr. Kamel and Dr. Wazir, accompanied by First Deputy to CIT Minister Dr. Hoda Baraka, Chairman of Cairo Chamber of Commerce Eng. Ali Moussa and Head of Telecom Sector at Cairo Chamber of Commerce Eng. Ehab Saeid, inaugurated the first phase of the Community Service Centers Project.

    In 2008, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology signed a cooperation protocol with Cairo Chamber of Commerce to turn 100 call centers in the first state into community service centers. The project is being implemented in  50 call centers in Alexandria as well.

    Community Service Centers Project entails three major tracks; preparing the technological infrastructure of the centers, training the human resources of the centers on ICTs and transforming the call centers into outlets for offering services to the public, especially in remote and dense areas.

    Amongst the services provided through the centers is fees collection as well as other services to be later provided in collaboration with Telecom Egypt, Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO), MobiNil and TE Data.

    Minister Kamel said that the projectís major goals are to secure job opportunities to the youth and to spread the practice of ICT utilization in providing public services to limited income brackets.

    In another development, Dr. Kamel and Dr. Wazir, along with Telecom Egypt Chairman Eng. Aqil Beshir commenced the customer service office at Al-Abassiya Exchanges Center after being upgraded.

    The office upgrade, with an estimated cost of LE 850,000, offers a variety of services to the public including local and direct phone calls, phone bill inquiries and collection, fax, telegraph, selling prepaid phone cards and pin code provision in addition to managing customers' accounts.

    The future plan for developing telecom projects in Cairo focuses on raising the exchanges capacity and landline networks to meet the increasing need of the governorate. The plan involves the finalization of a CDMA network that covers Cairo through 26 base transceiver stations (BTS) at a 53,547 line-capacity.

    The landline service has been delivered to more than 44,932 subscribers so far. The service delivery to remote areas where it is hard to install ground networks is underway.

    Investment in telecom infrastructure in Cairo starting October 1999 till end of 2008 accounts for 2 billion and 528 million Egyptian Pounds.
    A total of 34 exchanges centers are available in Cairo serving 1,988,116  subscribers with a capacity of 2,264,385 lines.

    Phone density in the governorate reached 24.7%. Also 11,821 public phones, 114 communication offices besides the private ones currently serve Cairo residents.

    Separately, Dr. Kamel and Dr. Wazir accompanied by ENPO Chairman Eng. Alaa Fahmy inaugurated El-Abassiya Exchanges Center III and El-Abassiya distribution zone. The newly inaugurated projects go in line with ENPO's plan of doubling post outlets nationwide. 

    The new office has been linked to the electronic network of post offices and provided with modern automated services to neighborhood residents.

    The office offers all financial, postal and governmental services like express mail, current accounts, immediate money orders and investment accounts through a comprehensive one-stop shop strategy. The office cashes pensions to more than 200 beneficiaries. The savings accounts, since the trial operation of the office a few months ago, reached 1000.

    A total of 93 post offices are available now in Cairo, 14 of which operate on evening shifts. A total of 163,631 pensions, including the social solidarity pensions, are cashed through Cairo post offices. Pensions are being delivered to homes of 9,390 citizens every month.

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