22 Oct 2020

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    Egypt wins 2009 Improved Health Services through the use of ICT TIGA Award

    Cairo, 5 May 2009

    Within the framework of the ongoing and fruitful cooperation between the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of  Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Egypt has won with its  National Campaign for Early  Detection of Breast Cancer (Women Healthcare Mobile Units Project WHP) the 2009 Technology In Government in Africa (TIGA) Award for improved health services through the use of information and communication technology (ICT).

    A flittering ceremony was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to hand out TIGA prizes. The Award is an outcome of MCIT strategy, which is implemented in collaboration and partnership with MOH, aiming to integrate the use of ICTs into the different sectors for development. 

    Launched in October 2007 by Her Excellency, Susan Mubarak, the First Lady, the Project was part of the National Campaign for Early Detection of Breast Cancer effort of the National Women Health Program.

    The Project seeks to raise awareness with regard to breast cancer. Furthermore, it endeavors to leverage the knowledge of women over-45 in terms of how to detect the disease and protect themselves against it through the use of state-of-the-art technologies, applications and information systems. However, the Project had another developmental goal.

    It provided modern tools to technicians and x-ray specialists to help them build their capacities as to how to deal with the disease and recruit more staff in this area of specialization.

    Since Project's launch, unprecedented achievements have been reached. More than 20,000 women were examined in different areas including, Zenhom, Helwan, Haram, 6th  of October, Kafr Tohormos, Zeneen, El Sesi, Suez, El Dueka, Basateen, Om El Masreyeen, Moneeb and Alexandria.
    The Project started with the immobile Women Health Unit of Kasr El Ainy Teaching Hospital and four mobile units; all connected to the WHP headquarters in Fom El Khalej through secured communication network.

    The network allowed high-speed connection and comprised four land and satellite lines to register the data of all women examined by the different units. Data and x-rays are sent together to the Headquarter for diagnosis and reporting, and then re-sent to the units to be delivered to the examined patients.

    WHP is a MCIT-MOH joint effort, supervised by a work group chaired by Dr. Tarek Kamel, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology and Dr. Hatem El Gabaly, and with the membership of Dr. Hoda Baraka, First Assistant to the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Dr. Naser Rasmy, Assistant to the Minister of Health and Dr. Doreya Salem, Health Advisor.

    The TIGA Award ceremony was attended by Dr. Doreya Salem, Advisor to the Minister of Health for X-Ray and the General Supervisor of the Early Detection of Breast Cancer Project, and Engineer, Yasser El Serafy, the Project Manager, MCIT Information Infrastructure Sector.

    TIGA awards aim to recognize the work of African Governments in effective use of ICTs for public services delivery for improving the provision of better services to citizens, civil society organizations and the private sector in an efficient, transparent and effective manner. Egypt is recognized as a leader helping African countries advance in all ICT domains.

    TIGA awards fall into four categories namely; public service delivery to citizens/communities; improved health services through the use of ICTs; Improved educational services through the use of ICTS; and Public Private Partnership PPP in economic and financial e-Services delivery.

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