22 Oct 2020

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    Dr. Kamel Inaugurates Phase I of Joint MCIT-Alexandria Chamber of Commerce Projects

    Alexandria, 26 July 2009

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel, accompanied by Alexandria Governor General Adel Labib,  inaugurated today the first phase of a number of joint projects between Ministry of Communications and IT (MCIT) and Alexandria Chamber of Commerce.

    The projects are: the upgrade communication centers in Alexandria to operate as community service centers, the establishment of a geographic information unit at the chamber, a skill development program for tradesmen and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)s known as "Retail Academy" and applying the information network of commerce chambers in Egypt at the Alexandria chamber new premises.

    First Deputy to Minister of Communications and IT Dr. Hoda Baraka witnessed the inaugurations.

    The transfer of 73 communication centers into community service centers entails three tracks. The first track is focused on technological infrastructure, providing computers, printers, internet connection and a local network.

    The second track indentifies the number of services the centers will offer as agreed with the providers.

    The provision of Telecom Egypt and TEData services has already kicked off at 30 centers. The operation of the rest of the centers is underway.

    The second project is a geographic information unit equipped with all programs and devices to operate through an integrated geographic database of the chamber. The database is based on a map scale 1:2500 for Alexandria that contains all the data of the tradesmen dealing with the chamber. 

    The project encompasses geographic analysis, statistics and reports that can help decision makers in addition to the collection of all tradesmen's applications and activities available in the city to add to a unified Egyptian chambers database. The current database of the chamber will be integrated with the geographic database while putting into consideration the work cycle at there.

    A desktop application to manage the system through a geographic information portal will also be designed for circulating the distribution of trade activities to enable investors and the public to identify the best investments based on location.

    The basic Al-Atareen district map scale 1:2500 in Alexandria has already been finalized, while the cadastral survey of tradesmen's data and the collection of 4000 submissions till July 15, 2009 are underway. Applications are being tested on pilot basis till the survey will have been finalized.

    A skill development project for 1000 retail tradesmen in Alexandria has kicked off under the name "Retail Academy" for training tradesmen on basic IT skills and management. A training lab has been built at the chamber and equipped with the required technological infrastructure. Ten trainers were trained to work for the chamber. A total of 100 tradesmen have already received training courses in IT and management basics.

    The project putting into force the information network of commerce chambers at the Alexandria chamber's new premises maximizes the quality of services offered to tradesmen through any chamber branch.

    An information unit equipped with all devices and a LAN has been established to automate the major activities of the chamber and distribute its services over all branches. The chamber's employees are being trained on the new database and its applications. 

    Services are offered and wholesale prices are monitored on a pilot basis through all locations and branches.

    The above projects aim at supporting the commercial activities of the chamber via the utilization of ICT tools.

    In July 2008, MCIT and the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce had singed cooperation protocols to develop commercial projects in Alexandria.

    The cooperation between MCIT and Alexandria Chamber of Commerce dates back to 2001, following the foundation of the chamber's information service, the first phase of the information database of the commerce chambers and their general union, a technology club and the provision of ICDL to the chamber members. 

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