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    Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif Receives Microsoft International Chief Operating Officer

    Cairo, 11 November 2010

    Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif received Microsoft International Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Kevin Turner who is currently visiting Egypt. During the meeting, Microsoft International investments in Egypt and its expansion plan in the Egyptian market were discussed. The meeting was attended by Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

    Mr. Turner told Dr. Nazif that Microsoft intends to establish three huge ICT projects to be announced today, namely; Microsoft Experts Global Center Project through which the company will serve its clients in Egypt and the region, Microsoft Cloud Computing Technologies, and Mobile Phones Applications Development in Egypt for start-ups. These projects aim to strengthen Microsoft`s share in the Egyptian market which reflects its true desire to expand its partnership base with Egypt in the field of ICT.

    Following the meeting, Dr. Tarek Kamel and Mr. Kevin Turner witnessed Microsoft International announcement of the three projects to be established in cooperation with the MICT, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA), and Egyptian companies. These projects are considered a real added value to the industry of information technology in Egypt as they support innovation, entrepreneurship, and increasing of Egyptian exports in the field of IT. Microsoft Experts Global Center shall provide the company`s clients in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa with necessary services.

    Minister of ICT, Dr. Tarek Kamel said that these new projects come as part of implementing the new strategy for innovation and entrepreneurship adopted by the MICT during the following years. The Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center will implement these projects to develop the technological innovation infrastructure, encourage Egyptian SMEs to adopt the technological innovation culture as a main component in the administrative system of these companies, and develop a culture of entrepreneurship among young people in the field of IT and its applications which represent a new addition to the IT industry in Egypt especially that these applications shall outstrip the local arena and extend to the regional one.

    This asserts anew the leading position of Egypt in this field. In addition, these projects are expected to provide more job opportunities to young Egyptian promising people. The minister commended constructive cooperation between Microsoft International and the Egyptian government and the cmpany`s role in the betterment of the local market through its investments in this field which supports the growth of IT in Egypt through different initiatives and programs adopted by the company in cooperation with the government in Egypt.

    On his part, Mr. Kevin Turner, Microsoft International chief operating officer said that launching these new projects comes as a continuation of long-term investments inflow by Microsoft in the Egyptian Market maintaining that choosing Egypt as a regional center for launching these projects reflects how much Microsoft trusts investments in Egypt. Moreover, the international company has faith in taking initiatives serving the IT sector in general especially that some of these projects will provide versatile services for about 70 countries of Microsoft clients in the Middle East and Africa.

    These initiatives pave the way for a strong client base in Egypt for many future technologies and give an opportunity for a large group of young Egyptians to prove their distinguished potentials and talents in many countries starting from Egypt, Turner added. This will directly help strengthen the solid base of Egyptian IT technology and open new gates for exportation in Egypt in this field.

    `For the past 10 years we have been working in partnership with the Egyptian Government to foster a culture of technology development and operational innovation,` said Microsoft`s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner. `Today`s announcements are part of our ongoing commitment to provide the right technologies and develop the valuable partnerships that will help Egypt continue to drive sustained economic growth and opportunity`.

    Furthermore, the new Microsoft Experts Center for the Middle East and Africa in Egypt will deal with partners to provide technical support of Microsoft products and solutions custom-made for institutions as well as offer appropriate suggestions and technology-related expertise. The center shall feature a group of Egyptian mentalities and talents to deal with solutions, presentations, draft projects, technical solutions design structure, and handle tenders and investments recovery studies.

    It is expected that this center will have a positive effect on local companies partnering with Microsoft in Egypt through leveraging the skills of local developers, growing their talents, building capacities and expertise of companies and clients in the region in terms of technology and business administration as well as promoting the solutions and services, which are compatible with Microsoft solutions provided on a regional scale, of these companies. This is apt to lead to a leap in business exports in general. The center will commence its activities depending on 60 experts who are expected to become 100 by 2011.

    Moreover, Arabic, English, and French will be the languages adopted by the center in rendering its services so that its business covers more than 60 countries in the Middle East and Africa and more than 700 clients. 300 Microsoft partners are expected to receive training in the region.

    As a continuation of the constructive cooperation between the Egyptian Government and Microsoft International, Microsoft announces today the launch of its second project (a cloud computing project), and its third project (Mobile Applications Development Project) for the purpose of contributing to the development of the Egyptian IT industry, leveraging its competitive edge, and increasing it exports.

    These two projects are considered models for cooperating programs developed and run by the Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in the Smart Village through competency centers established by the center in a number of promising technology fields auspicious for the growth of IT industry in Egypt.

    Microsoft international is the first international partner taking part in the establishment of the Technology Competency Center in the field of cloud computing and the Mobile Applications Development Center.

    The Cloud Computing Competency Center aims to establish an infrastructure for the future technology and provide necessary expertise to Egyptian cadres to create a strong base of experts in this field. Moreover, the center will focus on building a strategy for companies to build cloud computing applications ready for export and increasing Egypt`s share of IT exports.

    Moreover, the partnership with Microsoft International in the first phase will aim to support 30 companies in Egypt and the region which are expected to contribute to the development of international innovations in cloud computing and the assimilation and benefit of the local and regional markets from opportunities made available by them through communication with experts from all over the world, organizing roundtables to address strategies and best practices and exchange knowledge on technology and commercial challenges, empowering companies in terms of using an advanced common infrastructure, and developing an advantageous environment for coopeation with academic and research centers to develop new products and services.

    Finally, the competency center concerned with developing mobile applications for start-ups aims to increase the Egyptian base of the developers of these rising applications and continually train young people on the technologies of producing the same so a group of applications capable of competition locally and internationally is readily available. Partnership with Microsoft International in cooperation with a number of mobile operators is meant to help build the required capacities in the market by way of training 200 to 300 university graduates on developing mobile applications. After that, special training will be provided for those graduates on business innovation, and grants will be given to embellishments in the form of rewards for the most creative applications in the field of mobile phones. Eventually, these applications will be adopted, promoted, and distributed in Egypt and abroad.

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