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    Dr. Kamel and Dr. Hany Helal Inaugurate the "8th International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies" (ICICT 2010)

    Cairo, 13 December 2010

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel and Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research Dr. Hany Helal inaugurated the "8th International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies" (ICICT 2010).The conference is organized by the Information Technology Institute (ITI) in cooperation with IEEE in Egypt from December 13th to 15th , 2010.

    This year the "ICICT 2010" kicks off in the context of adopting the notion of keeping up with the speed-paced IT industry and maintaining infrastructure for future technologies in Egypt, sticking to IT global standards.

    A number of international and local experts working in IT and Cloud Computing arenas take part in the activities of the conference, in addition to some major global IT and communication companies.

    "For the next five years, IT will be one of the utilities in Egypt. This fact poses many challenges to which we are strongly preparing," said Dr. Kamel. He also referred to the fact that holding this conference is an important step to share experience with other countries. A step which in turn helps provide a clear vision, leading to a vital penetration of this field that has become the developed world future language.

    Cloud Computing, Data Centers, Integrated Solutions, and Web 2.0, as Dr. Kamel perceives, are of top priorities currently in the international ICT agenda.

    Dr. Kamel added that Egypt is strongly poised to benefit from this new technology by establishing the first Cloud Computing guiding center in Assiut University. The new center aims at creating a strong base of Egyptian high calibers, capable of developing Cloud Computing applications to provide them as technology services later on".

    Sessions of the conference are scheduled to be held in the ITI headquarters in Smart Village over the 14th and 15th of December. Te main focus will on "Cloud Computing" topics and how this new technology is apt to form the future of technology sector and IT industry, not only in Egypt, but in the whole world.

    Sessions of the conference shall also approach global challenges facing the applications of this technology, most notably information and data protection, personal information management, proprietary rights protection, availability of service and proficiency of service providers to protect and recover information, data, and applications in emergency cases.

    In addition to this, the conference also tackles, securing trademarks, necessity of  taking measures for regulation, and finally developing legal procedures regulating service management and termination. Through the activities and workshops of the conference, many challenges shall be addressed and defined.

    ITI Chairman Dr. Mohamed Salem noted that the ITI strategy for the coming period approaches Cloud Computing applications, as they represent a huge leap in the way technology is used and developed.

    Dr. Salem also added that the ITI is shouldering the preparation of human calibers necessary for the implementation of this new technology as it took steps to establish the first Cloud Computing center in Assuit and prepare training curricula for young people joining the professional training program.

    Towards this end, many MoUs have been signed with foreign authorities in Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore for the purpose of sharing their expertise in terms of preparing Egyptian calibers to join this new industry.

    ICT industry occupies a major part in the conference with global companies working in this field represented by a number of experts from IBM International, Atos Origin, Vodafone, Intel, Intercom, Microsoft, and EMC2. These companies bring along latest strategies, techniques and applications of Cloud Computing all over the world.

    Some of the most distinguished participants in this event:
    - Sanjay Mirchandani, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, EMC.
    -Frederic Dussart. Vice President – Regional Country Manager Europe South, Middle East & Africa - EMC Corporation.
    - Christian Klezl. Vice President and Cloud Leader, IBM Northeast Europe.
    - Mick Symonds principal solutions architect and an expert in Cloud Computing, the market trends, Atos Origin
    - Yasser Rasheed Director of the Business Client Architecture Group, Intel 
    - Girma Dessalegn Associate Information Network Officer at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)
    - Glenn Gran -  Program Manager - IKED a non-political and non-profit organization operating on the platform of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)
    - Lefteris Leontaridis- project manager– (IKED
    - Thomas Andersson - Chairman– IKED
    - Victor Maojo, MD, PhD is a Full Professor and Director, Biomedical Informatics Group, UPM, Madrid.
    - Niclas Adler Managing Director and Dean of J?nk?ping International Managing Director and Dean of J?nk?ping International

    About Cloud Computing:
    Cloud Computing and a New Concept of Technology:
    Cloud Computing is a new technology which depends on transferring processing and storage into the so-called "Cloud". The "Cloud", in this context, is device(s) operating as a server accessible through a network. In this way, IT applications and programs are transformed into services.

    One of the benefits of this new technology is avoiding maintenance problems of devices and IT programs to a great extent whether for individuals or companies. Accordingly, turning the subscribers' efforts to using these services, letting alone cost saving due to sharing common resources of hardware, software, operating systems, and databases.

    Cloud Computing infrastructure depends on advanced Data Centers, which secure huge storage for users and provide different technological programs as services for users.

    This technology allows entities and individuals to work through the internet where software and information are stored on millions of servers. Data are processed on the spot by enabling users to request software they are using and information they may need instantly. In other words, Cloud Computing is a new technology through which computer units are forsaken for Data Centers where data and applications are stored. For further clarification, this technology resembles a phone line through which many services could be rendered.
    This technology presents itself as one of the future approaches with greater growth potential than other technological sectors. Investments expected out of this sector are estimated to exceed dozens of billions of dollars by the end of 2011.

    Egyptian National Center for Cloud Computing (EC3)
    The Egyptian National Center for Cloud Computing (EC3) is the first national initiative for Cloud Computing in Egypt. It is a joint project led by the ITI, ITIDA, Assiut University, and Finserv company as a representative of private sector.

    This alliance constitutes a public-private partnership between the government and private sector for the purpose of providing a mechanism for research, development, and training in connection with this service.

    Objectives of the center revolve around ensuring better understanding of the possibilities provided by this industry, and providing resources for research in this field. Moreover, the center focuses on providing a number of services including infrastructure for service provision, spreading research skills, and supporting industry research projects such as technological industries. Assiut has been chosen as a starting point for receiving this new technology and a base for developing IT market in Upper Egypt.


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