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    Dr. Magued Osman and Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama Witness the Opening of the “ Cloud Computing Workshop”

    Cairo, 18 April 2011

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Magued Osman and Minister of Scientific Research, Science and Technology, Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama witnessed, today, the activities of  Cloud Computing Workshop.

    The workshop is organized by the Information Technology Institute affiliated to the ministry of ICT, in partnership with ICT Council in the Academy for Scientific Research and IT Sector Board in the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU).

    The workshop aims at instigating cloud computing in Egypt. The workshop comes as part of ITI endeavors to follow latest technology trends in ICT worldwide.

    Amongst participants was a group of leaders from the ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the ministry of Scientific Research, as well as a number of Egyptian professors and universities presidents, and representatives of international and local ICT companies.

    His Excellency, Dr. Osman, declared that the ministry attaches great importance to cloud computing, one of the latest technologies internationally. He also added that cloud computing is part of MCIT’s priorities for ICT development in Egypt during the forthcoming period.

    Furthermore, he said that the ministry is keen about spreading awareness of the importance of new ICT concepts and developing distinguished human calibers specialized in cloud computing applications.

    According to his Excellency, the ministry urges multinational companies to establish their own centers for cloud computing in Egypt, such as Microsoft, IBM and other specialized international companies. 

    Apart from the above-mentioned endeavors, the fruitful cooperation between the ministry of ICT represented by the ITI and the ministry of Scientific Research, Science and Technology represented by Assiut University was crowned by the establishment of the first cloud computing center of excellence at Assiut University.

    The center of excellence was established in cooperation with one of the companies of the sector and Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA). Such initiative will help take advantage of the university students’ potential in Upper Egypt. 

    During the one-day workshop, the first session was presented by the Keynote speaker, Prof. Seif Haridi. During the session, Dr. Haridi, Lead of Research Action-line Computing in the Cloud, ICTLABs, European Institute of Technology, talked about the "Cloud Computing Research Directions and Trends in Europe".

    On the other hand, the second session was presented by Prof. Salwa Nassar and
    Prof. Amr El-Kadi from the ICT Council in the Academy for Scientific Research  who introduced the Egyptian Cloud Computing Research Roadmap while the closing session was entitled  “Cloud Computing Research in Industry”.

    On the other side, Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama announced that the workshop comes within the framework of activating partnership between scientific bodies and services bodies in Egypt, praising the MCIT model in this regard. Such partnership will help benefit from the potential of scientific research to promote the society at all levels.

    Dr. Salama also stressed that Egypt has the human, financial and scientific potentials enabling the country to be a strong competitor. He also added  that Egyptian researchers working abroad are ready to serve their country, waiting for any opportunity to help promoting their country, stressing full confidence in the outcome of such distinguished workshop boosting the ICT industry through shaping an appropriate road map to launch the cloud computing industry from Egypt. 

    In a similar context, ITI Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Salem mentioned that the ITI has previously organized a conference on cloud computing in December 2010.

    The conference tackled several discussions on applications of cloud computing. At that time, many issues were raised such as the role of the industry to foster research and applications of cloud computing, a concept which is currently considered as a vital leap in communications and information technology.

    Dr. Salem also pointed out the pivotal role of the center of excellence based in Assiut University in spreading technology in Upper Egypt and making new applications of cloud computing accessible for all employees.  

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