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    Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Participates at Cairo ICT 2011

    Cairo, 8 May 2011

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology participates at the 15th Cairo ICT 2011 Trade Fair and Forum, held during the period of 25th - 28th of May, 2011 at Cairo International Conference Center under the auspices of the ministry of ICT.

    A number of the ministry affiliates will be participating at the coming event. 

    This year participation aims at offering a clear message to the world. The message is that Egypt after the revolution of the 25th of January is still in the core of events and still follows current progress and new technologies in the field of Communications and Information Technology (ICT) worldwide. It even keeps pace with the world’s updates step by step in this area.

    Moreover, the Egyptian and foreign companies’ participation at Cairo ICT 2011 Trade Fair and Forum proves that the Egyptian market has always been a promising market attracting both local and foreign ICT investments. It also stresses that better growth rates will be achieved in the coming period.

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Magued Osman underlined that the participation of the ministry of ICT in Cairo ICT 2011 comes within the framework of the ministry’s tremendous efforts to support and boost ICT companies to resume its development strategies and follow international updates in these areas. In this framework, Cairo ICT Trade Fair and Forum presents an excellent opportunity gathering specialists and workers of the field, in order to trigger their plans, set goals and present their different visions to bring back the high levels of growth rates that the ICT sector has achieved before.

    H.E., Dr. Osman hopes that Cairo ICT 2011 shall present tools to commercialize the companies’ products and services, tools that the companies need to overcome the period of recession resulting from the events that Egypt passed through during the last period. He also pointed out that the forum this year will raise several issues preoccupying many people's minds in ICT. 

    Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) supports Egyptian companies pavilion interested in participating at Cairo ICT 2011. The space of the pavilion reaches 760 meters expanding to 70 companies.

    Participating at Cairo ICT 2011, ITIDA offers direct support to the companies for the first time avoiding the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) mediation. The agency received the application forms of the participants via NGOs while providing its support directly to the companies without minimal interference.

    Amongst participants there are Telecom Egypt and its affiliate TE Data sharing the same pavilion. The company offers to its clients updated solutions and inventions in connection with ICT as well as attractive promotional offers aiming at activating its advanced services that it intends to put on market during the coming period.

    On the other side, the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) participates strongly at different workshops and panel discussions taking place during the forum in a pavilion of the same space as the last year.

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