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    Dr. Magued Osman Opens New Post Offices in Manshiet El- Bakry and Hadayk Shobra

    Cairo, 2 June 2011

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Magued Osman inaugurated today, in the presence of the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) chairman, Dr. Tarek El-Sadany, Manshiet El-Bakry Post Office and Hadaek Shobra sub-post office to serve the areas of Manshiet El-Bakry and Hadaek Shobra.

    This comes within the framework of implementing the plan of Egypt Post aiming at expanding its network offices nationwide in a bid to meet the citizenís requirements in all governorates.

    Dr. Magued Osman declared that Egypt Post has been one of the most important pillars of the Egyptian economy over the past hundred years thanks to its financial, postal and social services provided to the ordinary citizen. Such importance is due to the widespread of its post offices nationwide (more than 3700 post offices).

     The ENPO also enjoys a strong mutual confidence with citizens in all parts of Egypt. Such confidence comes from the qualified services offered to Egyptian citizens, such as the logistical and the social services.

    In this respect, Dr. Magued Osman added that the ENPO exerts tremendous efforts to automate the pensions cashing system with the aim of reducing burden on senior citizens and diminishing congestion at post offices. This, in turn, will save huge amounts of annual spending for pension home delivery reaching nearly 4 million beneficiaries nationwide.

    Furthermore, the minister explained that the expansion plan of the ENPO will cover all governorates nationwide.

    Manshiet El-Bakry post office includes (12) windows with (10) employees, whereas Hadaek Shobra sub-post office encompasses (8) windows with (15) employees. Both offices provide all the advanced financial and post services for citizens, in addition to pensions cashing, international express mail services and electronic Egypt Post network.

    Moreover, these offices are equipped with computers to offer current account services, immediate and regular money orders, packages, cashing of checks, universal windows services and monthly pension cashing for more than (5100) beneficiaries, out of which (100) delivered to homes.

    Dr. Tarek El-Sadany, ENPO chairman, stated that the organization adopts an ambitious plan focusing on activating e-commerce.

    This is due to the fact that the post owns the ideal solution via the service of cashing on delivery, especially with the widespread of Egypt post offices nationwide.

    In this view, Dr. El-Sadany indicates that the ENPO expansion plan relies on areas requirements in line with the financial return and the wide range of services that can be provided to Egypt Post clients.

    ENPO chairman concluded his word saying that the ENPO short-term plan focuses on gaining the trust of junior employees as they are the real fortune upon whom Egypt post relies to implement its strategies of development.

    It should be noted that the number of post offices in Cairo is (317), (260) of which are automated offices. Moreover, the number of saving accounts in Cairo exceeded 4.5 million accounts. The post offices of Cairo provide pensions cashin

    g for over 585.000 beneficiaries per month including social security pension. More than 30.000 beneficiaries receive pensions at home.

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