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    Signing a New Cooperation Protocol to Launch E-Learning Project for Visually and Hearing Impaired Students in Egypt

    Cairo, 13 June 2011

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Magued Osman signed, today, a cooperation protocol with the minister of education, Dr. Ahmed Gamal El-Din Moussa. The protocol aims at launching a project to support e-learning for visually and hearing impaired students in Egypt.

    Under the auspices of the Ministry of ICT, the e-learning project is implemented by Egypt ICT Trust Fund affiliated to the MCIT and the United Nations Development Programme. The project is undertaken in cooperation with the Islamic Bank Group for Development and in partnership with the Ministry of education.

    The launching ceremony of the project was attended by a number of leaders and working groups at the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of education. Among attendees, there were some representatives of the UNDP, the Islamic Bank Group for Development as well as Egypt ICT Trust Fund.

    The e-learning project provides training sessions to teachers and students visually and hearing impaired, members of NGOs providing care services for disabled. Such a project helps disabled students use ICT tools in their daily lives, in order to improve their performance at schools. It also aims to renew computer laboratories at visually and hearing impaired private schools.

    This project comes within the framework of boosting the ongoing, fruitful cooperation between the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Education in the scope of education development based on ICT tools. The project, also, participates at the improvement of the living conditions of the disabled students. It enhances their integration in the Egyptian society, using ICT tools and applications, and through reinforcing the educational process at the primary stage. The activities of the project encompass the creation of a developed interactive content using multimedia technology for the subjects of science, mathematics, computer of the last two grades of the primary stage.

    Amongst the projects agreed upon in the protocol, there is the development of the technical and industrial education project. This project aims to develop 10 advanced industrial schools following the 5 years system, spread over 10 governorates. The project emerges from a partnership between the Egyptian Ministry of ICT, the Italian partner, and the project of schools development initiative which aims to develop 2344 schools nationwide.

    The project aiming to support the e-learning for the visually and hearing impairedĒ in Egypt comes within the framework of the partnership for development between Egypt ICT Trust Fund affiliated to the Ministry of ICT and the Islamic Bank Group for Development.

    This partnership was launched in 2009 through the programme of ICT for SMEs projects, reinforcing the performance of SMEs and increasing their competitiveness using best ICT solutions. This successful project was a catalyst for the enhancement of the cooperation between the two ministries leading to the launch of a new initiative to support disabled in Egypt.

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