22 Oct 2020

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    Celebration of 45 years of diplomatic relations In the presence of the Egyptian and Singaporean Ministers of Communications

    Cairo, 18 October 2011

    Dr. Mohammed Salem, Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Dr.  Yaacoub Ibrahim Minister of Communications, Information and Arts for Islamic affairs of Singapore and in the presence of Mr. Tan Hong Singh, Ambassador of Singapore in Cairo have witnessed celebrations on the 45th anniversary of establishing Egypt - Singapore diplomatic relations, which were characterized by fruitful cooperation between the two countries in many fields over this period, especially in recent times in the ICT sector.

    The Ministers held a bilateral meeting during which they discussed bilateral Egyptian - Singaporean relations and the methods of their strengthening in the fields of ICT and postal services during the next phase; where the Ministers discussed a number of issues of common interest, including; the applications of electronic government and health services, securing cyberspace, ICT infrastructure, research, development and entrepreneurship, human resources development and youth empowerment, the need to attract more investments in these areas and providing more distinguished job opportunities in these fields.

    In his speech, on this occasion, Dr. Mohammed Salem has presented features of the ICT in Egypt, saying that Egyptian ICT is considered to be one of the most successful sectors in Egypt, where it was able to achieve an unprecedented quantum leap, enriching the national economy with that value-added reality, whereas the past years have witnessed gradual and continuous success and growth for the sector. His Excellency has referred to the future stage - according to the objectives of the January 25 revolution that it aims to achieve the fundamental aspirations of the Egyptian citizen, relying on three main pillars of freedom, democracy and social justice.

    These pillars have played a vital role in shaping the priorities of MCIT for the coming period, adding that the successes achieved by the sector were actually  the main supporter of moving to the next level and developing a new road map for the sector strategy aiming at making Egypt a center for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in the region, helping to strengthen the competitive capacity of young people and creating new and innovative jobs and raising the general living standard of the Egyptian citizen.

    Dr. Salem has commended Singapore's experience in the ICT field, where it became one of the most competitive markets in this domain and ranked third worldwide in the latest report by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

    During the celebrations, the two ministers have witnessed the launch of a commemorative stamp issued by the Egyptian and Singapore post together as an embodiment of the excellent relations between the two countries.

    Worth mentioning, that the cooperation between Egypt and Singapore in the fields of communications, information technology and postal mail was activated through official trade missions during the years 2008 and 2010. 

    The 2010 mission has resulted in signing a cooperation agreement between Egyptian and Singaporean Postal mail, which aims at improving the traditional postal services and developing new and innovative value-added services through the exchange of information and experiences between the two countries. 

    One of the most important cooperation fields under the convention is management of postal traffic system and applications of e-commerce mailing.

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