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    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Inaugurates ICT and Post Projects at Sinaï Governorates

    Arish, 28 January 2012

    Dr. Mohammed Salem, Minister of Communications and Information Technology and General El Sayed Abdel Wahab Mabrouk, North Sinai Governor, have inaugurated a number of new projects in the fields of Communications, Information Technology and Post in North Sinai Governorate.

    The new projects comes in the framework of implementing the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s strategy, which aims at developing Sinai and providing information technology tools to all remote and poor areas in many regions of the Republic, representing one of the Ministry's priorities during the coming period.

    The minister and the governor initiated their tour by meeting national and executive leaders in the Governorate Headquarters.

    Dr. Mohammed Salem and General El Sayed Abdel Wahab Mabrouk accompanied by Engineer Akil Beshir, Chairman of Telecom Egypt, and Mr. Tarek Abou Alam, CEO of Telecom Egypt, have inaugurated the customer service office and malfunctions repair center annexed to Arish Exchange after their development and modeling. The customer service office presents a number of services to citizens such as: receiving requests for new lines contracts, selling added features to the land line, local phone calls services, direct to other governorates and international, telegraph and fax, as well as selling home cards and public telephone booths cards, in addition to bills query and collection. The Center also provides ADSL services through TE Data, Telecom Egypt’s subsidiary company.
    The malfunctions repair center receives customers’ complaints, determines the type of malfunctions and delegates them to technicians to fix and repair then assure the service quality by performing customers’ surveys.

    The current capacity of Arish digital exchange has reached more than 20 thousand lines, taking into consideration that the number of subscribers has reached more than 13 thousand subscribers with an occupancy rate that reached (65%), in addition to (391) subscribers in CDMA network.  Thus, the branch exchange is open to receive more requests from citizens to take advantage of the telephone services in the Governorate.

    Worth mentioning that the future plan for the telecommunications projects in North Sinai Governorate during the coming period shall focus on increasing the exchanges’ capacity and landline networks to meet the requests, and remove the bottlenecks in addition to completing the implementation of CDMA network that covers the Governorate through a number of (11) (BTS) stations with a total capacity that reached (7 343) lines, where more than (1 546) subscribers were connected. 

    Through the CDMA network, telecommunications services are connected for all remote areas, which are difficult to access via landline networks in the Governorate.  The total amounts of spent investments on infrastructure in the telecommunications sector in North Sinai as of October 1999 until the end of 2011 is approximately 71 million Egyptian Pounds.

    Worth mentioning also that the number of telephone exchanges in North Sinai Governorate has reached (21), with a total capacity of lines that reached (64 185), the number of subscribers has reached about 30 thousand, with a telephone density of (7.8%), the number of public telephone service has reached (228) in addition to a number of (18) communication centers and offices other than private offices.  The number of villages and hamlets in the Governorate is around (518), all of which includes the telephone service.

    The total number of connection circuits that connect the Governorate all together is (4 129) and a number of (1 529) connection circuits that connect the Governorate with the rest of the governorates of the Republic.

    Their Excellency’s the Minister and the Governor; accompanied by Mr. Mosaad Abdul Ghani head of the National Post Authority have inaugurated “El-Nagah” Post Office, which is located on Egypt - Rafah International road, which serves “El-Nagah” village and its neighboring affiliated villages.

    Most of the common and developed postal services are provided therein, such as: immediate remittances, savings services, service of paying pensions for senior customers.  It has been integrated with the Authority’s electronic network, where approximately 8 employees work there, noteworthy that the number of post offices in North Sinai Governorate has reached 46 post offices.

    Dr. Mohammed Salem and General El Sayed Abdel Wahab Mabrouk, accompanied by Dr. Hisham El-Deeb supervisor of IT infrastructure Division at the Ministry have also inaugurated the Health Unit at the expense of the State, in the sub Medical Council of Arish General Hospital, which comes in the framework of MCIT’s implementation of the National Network Project for the treatment of citizens at the expense of the State, after the Ministry was done with the unit’s processing, where citizens' requests for treatment at the expense of the State are received through it and being dealt with without the need to travel to the headquarters of the specialized medical councils in Cairo.

    The project aims at creating a national network for treatment at the expense of the State by linking specialized medical councils, which are the concerned authority of making decisions of treatment at the expense of the State in hospitals and medical services centers along with providing the possibility of applying generally from governorates and especially the remote ones in order to alleviate citizens’ suffering.  The total cost of the first and second phases of the project is 13.5 million Egyptian Pounds in cooperation between Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Ministry of Health.

    The National Network project serves in treating citizens in North Sinai Governorate at the expense of the State, which is about 30% of the Governorate’s population, where 70% of the population enjoy being covered by health insurance, through the project about 300 treatment decision are made per month, and currently 3 other hospitals are being prepared and linked to the Government, which are: Bir el-Abd, Rafah Central and Sheikh Zuwaid Central Hospitals.

    Worth mentioning that this project has achieved many of its goals .. along with the completion of setting up the main information center at the headquarters of the specialized medical councils in Nasr City, and establishing a reserves’ exchanging office at the Ministry of Health’s Headquarters.

    The project has effectively contributed to speeding up of obtaining treatment decisions for citizens (4000 treatment request/day), as well as linking 40 branching locations in governorates (of intensive frequency), 26 medical Council branches of which are located in 26 governorates.  Furthermore, setting up and connecting 104 governmental hospital was performed by ADSL lines distributed throughout all governorates of the Republic.

    Dr. Mohammed Salem has concluded his inaugurating tour in North Sinai Governorate by inaugurating the House Technology at El Fayrouz Association (4 halls) and the House Technology at “Qatiah” Village Youth Center in Bir al-Abd, MCIT has entirely furnished with computers and connected them to networks and the Internet as well as equipping with technology tools  training of trainers.

    The Technology houses provide a range of community and technology services to citizens, including: e-Government services through an e-Gov. portal joint with the Ministry of State for Administrative Development as well as holding basic courses in computer maintenance, providing the Information Technology Institute grant that teaches the basics of computer and information technology applications, training on creating websites and specialized training of trainers programs to build technology cadres from Sinai community members as well as providing training programs on literacy and adult education.

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology has inspected the trainers’ preparation program in “Qatiah” Village Youth Center in Bir al-Abd, his Excellency has overseen the program’s cornerstones, stressing on the need to strongly actuate this program in order to contribute to the creation of a new qualified generation at the highest standards of trained cadres that are to undertake the training and reintegration of their fellows in the region to help them find distinguished work opportunities or support them towards establishing their own technology projects.

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has established nearly 40 technology houses in the following governorates: North and South Sinai, Giza, Suez, the New Valley, Luxor, Aswan and Nubia.  Currently, 30 new technology houses are under construction mostly focused in squatter and unplanned areas.

    Technology houses are being established in cooperation with several state entities such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of State for Administrative Development, youth centers and culture palaces, in addition to NGOs that provide community services and human development, encourage the different productive activities for the development of small industries and marketing the products of these associations using IT tools.

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