19 Sep 2020

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    Dr. Salem Inaugurates the Second Phase of Communications Service Complex in Nasr City

    Cairo, 13 February 2012

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem inaugurated today the second and final phase of the communications service complex in Nasr City.

    Affiliated to the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), an array of communications services are offered through the complex for both companies and individuals.

    These services include issuing licenses for importing communication devices, customs clearance, wireless services and others that have to do with NTRA within a maximum period of 48 hours.

    The establishment of the complex comes within the ongoing communication with the public as well as the attempts to facilitate such services for citizens and telecommunication devices importers and service providers.

    The services offered to the importers through the Nasr City complex include registering importing companies and identifying that the imported devices are original and not replica. The complex also makes sure of the availability of after sales services, follows up storage to check out the importers' stock and prepares customs clearance approvals on all imported devices. 

    Moreover, the complex facilitates several communication services for users such as usage licenses of different types of wireless devices (fixed, air and marine). The complex further provides whatever services related to these licenses like renewal, adjustment or cancellation. It also facilitates the acquisition of the necessary approvals in coordination with the concerned entities and the specialized NTRA sectors.  
    The premises of the complex' second phase hosts the central customer service department, a department affiliated to the operational sector, a representative of the brand accreditation department, the financial section, the IT department, the operational sector, representatives of the monitoring sector and other assisting ones.

    The central department for customer service encompasses the general department for monitoring import and customs clearance, the general department of wireless licenses and the general department of wireless services.

    These departments offer services to both importers and users of communication devices. Last year, 200,000 wireless devices received customs clearance, licenses for wireless devices and networks were acquired and rules for protecting the rights of users and importers of communication devices were set.   

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