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    Egypt Delegation Intense Activity in the Events of Connect Arab Summit in Doha

    Doha, 7 March 2012

    Minister of Communications: Egypt has proposed 23 initiatives and a new regional project, a total of one third of the Summitís initiatives.

    Egyptian intensified activities marked the events of the second day of Connect Arab Summit held in Doha, Qatar between 5 and 7 March 2012.

    The minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem participated in the discussion panel Egypt proposed, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Dr. Hamdoun Tourť.

    Discussions have revolved around child online security initiative to be adopted as a regional initiative aiming to protect children. Among the main topics of discussions comes the regional cooperation to devise a plan for regional cyber security as well as to encourage cooperation with the international community in this regard. This leads to trust-building in networks, services, equipment and programs that ensure security and protection for individuals, particularly children.

    After the meeting, Dr. Salem stated that Egypt is the biggest Arab participant state in the summit. The number of the initiatives and projects proposed by Egypt amounts for more than one third of the total number of initiatives presented by other states.

    Throughout the Summit, Egypt has launched a number of initiatives representing a practical framework for the regional cooperation in the context of activating the joint Arab work in the field of ICT in the near future. These initiatives are: Arabic digital content initiative, child online security initiative, Memory of the Arab world project, Arab ICT indicators portal, MasrWorks project and partnership projects.

    Dr. Mohamed Salem met with his Azerbaijani counterpart, Ali Abbasov. They discussed joint cooperation in the field of ICT, and particularly in the field of establishing science parks.

    During the meeting, Dr. Salem invited Azerbaijan minister to visit the Trade Fair for Communications and Information Technology 2012 (Cairo ICT) hosted in Egypt.

    Dr. Salem also met with his counterpart in the Republic of Northern Sudan, Mr. Mohamed Abdul-Karim. The meeting tackled the means to enhance cooperation between the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Egypt and its Northern Sudanese counterpart, to benefit of the Egyptian expertise in the process of digit-transfer in Northern Sudan.

    Furthermore, Dr. Salem has also convened with the Algerian minister of Post and Telecommunications, Mr. Moussa Ben Hammadi where they discussed means of joint cooperation and the return of mutual investments between both countries.

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