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    Dr. Salem Inaugurates New ICT and Post Projects in Luxor

    Luxor, 26 March 2012

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem and the Governor of Luxor, Dr. Ezzat Saad, inaugurated today 3 new technology homes in Luxor.

    Both minister and governor were accompanied by the Director of Human Development and Training sector at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Dr. Ahmed Adel Darwish.

    These technology homes are established in Egypt Public Library, Digital Bridges Foundation and the local unit of Manshiet Al- Nouba.

    The 3 venues have been fully equipped with computers, connected to networks and Internet, supplied with technology equipment and training courses for instructors.

    This comes in the framework of implementing MCIT strategy that aims at developing the Egyptian information society and supporting the national economy. This is through boosting human resources in the field of communications, promoting knowledge society and technological innovation, in order to provide distinguished job opportunities and eradicate unemployment.

    This is part of the inaugural tour of the minister of Communications and Information Technology in Luxor governorate which has witnessed the opening of a number of ICT and post projects.

    Dr. Salem commenced his tour by meeting with popular, executive leaders and members of the Parliament. The meeting reviewed MCITís plan, in the near future, to support ICT development in Luxor.

    Technology homes offer numerous community and technological services for the citizens of Luxor. These services include e-government portal services in conjunction with the Ministry of State for Administrative Development, and the scholarship of the Information Technology Institute (ITI) in teaching the basics of computers and IT applications.

    The services also encompass training on website development, specialized programs to train the trainers, to build technology calibers.
    Moreover, the services consist of utilizing ICT tools to rehabilitate 10 female trainers for the purpose of womenís development and empowerment through ICT to assist them in marketing the handicrafts.

    Furthermore, an e-learning system has been devised to allow the study of computer basics and components via sign language. This system has been made available to all civil society organizations and private deaf and hearing impaired schools. 

    Additionally, technology homes work to rehabilitate children technologically through child club program. They integrate disabled children in specialized centers with the collaboration of Caritas International Foundation for integrating disabled children.

    Technology homes services also include trainersí orientation and training on the program of computers maintenance basics.

    MCIT has finished establishing 66 technology homes across the governorates of Luxor, Aswan, Nuba, North Sinai, South Sinai, Giza, Suez, New Valley and Marsa Matruh. Other 34 technology homes are under construction in remote, disadvantaged, poorest, and unplanned areas, and are due to finish by the end of June 2012.

    Technology homes are established with the collaboration of various State institutions like the Red Crescent Society and its branches nationwide, youth centers, culture palaces and NGOs that provide community and human development services, and encourage various production activities to promote small industries and market their products through the use of IT tools.

    Dr. Mohamed Salem and Dr. Ezzat Saad have commenced their inaugural rounds in the governorate of Luxor by visiting the program of trainersí orientation in both its 19th and 20th sessions.

    ITI implements the program in cooperation with Luxor governorate in both the governorateís headquarters and Egypt Public Library. The visit aims to watch closely the stages of the program implementation on the ground.

    The programís objective is to produce distinguished and qualified calibers of trainers from the governorateís inhabitants capable of executing advanced technical programs and systems of the Institute.

    Acting President of ITI, Ms. Heba Saleh, states that the trainersí orientation program is part of ITIís plan for this year. The plan targets implementing 25 high standard training sessions for instructors, out of 50 training sessions.

    For the first time, this year program focuses on remote and distant areas like North Sinai, El Hasna, Nahl, Middle Sector, Bir el Abd, South Sinai, El Tor, Sharm el- Sheikh and Al-Hamam. Focusing on these areas, ITI would have undertaken 20 sessions out of 50 which is the total number of targeted sessions.

    Dr. Mohamed Salem and Dr. Ezzat Saad have also inaugurated the Luxor Central 3 and the affiliated customer service center. During the opening, Dr. Salem and Dr. Saad were accompanied by Telecom Egypt Chairman, Mr. Aqeel Bashir, and CEO, Mr. Tarek Abou Alam.

    The Central which has been established at a cost of 11 million Egyptian pounds, comprises (1800) lines. A total of 15 thousand lines have been substituted with advanced and compatible modern communication systems.

    The Central is one of the open centers in the governorate that meet all citizensí demands. The customer service center affiliated to the Central offers several telecommunications services for the residents.

    These services include receiving new landlines contract applications, selling added features of landlines, providing local, direct and international call services, as well as telegraph and fax services.

    Moreover, the services comprise selling home and public phone cards and offering bill information and collection. The Central also offers ADSL services through TE Data, affiliated to Telecom Egypt.

    The future plan for telecommunication projects in the governorate of Luxor focuses on increasing the capacities and terrestrial networks of the centrals to meet the demands and avoid bottlenecks.

    The plan also carries on with the implementation of CDMA network which covers the governorate through 6 BTS stations, with a total capacity of (7200) lines, where a total of (1516) subscribers have been connected.

    Through CDMA services, telecommunication services are provided to remote areas that are difficult to reach via terrestrial networks in the governorate. The total amount of investments in ICT infrastructure in Luxor, from 2009 until the end of 2011, has reached 28 million Egyptian pounds.

    The number of centrals in Luxor governorate has reached 34, a total line capacity of (163 703). The number of subscribers has mounted to (75 241) with 15.2% phone density. The number of public-service phones has reached (305) plus (28) centers and communications offices, in addition to private bureaus.

    The number of villages and hamlets in the governorate reaches 330 all of which have telephone services. Furthermore, the number of connecting circuits that connect the governorateís areas to each other is (243), and that of connecting circuits that connect the governorate to the rest of the Republicís governorates is (484).

    Later, Dr. Salem and Dr. Saad, accompanied by the acting chairman of ENPO, Mr. Mosaad Abdul Ghany, have opened El-Zanaqta Post office. The office provides services of instant money transfer, universal window, smart savings and all other postal services.

    It also provides pension services where it distributes about (530) salaries monthly, and home- delivers around (277). Saving accounts have also mounted to more than (1470).

    Awamiya post office has also been inaugurated.  Awamiya office provides conventional and advanced postal services. It hands out about (910) pensions monthly and home-delivers (202). Saving accounts, at the office, have mounted to (2161).

    In this framework, Mr. Mosaad Abdul Ghany asserts that Egypt Post is eager to develop and expand in various cities and villages nationwide in order to deliver all financial, postal and governmental services to the citizens at the highest level of efficiency that meet their demands. This comes in the context of the social role Egypt Post has undertaken towards its customers, who have placed full trust in Egypt Post and its loyal employees, he adds.

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