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    Cooperation Protocol between MCIT and Ministry of Higher Education to Develop the Cardiology Department at Ain Shams Hospital

    Cairo , 9 April 2012

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem and minister of Higher Education, Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Mousa witnessed, today, the signing of a cooperation protocol between MCIT and the faculty of medicine at Ain Shams University.

    The agreement aims at using ICT tools to develop the cardiology department at the Faculty Hospital.

    This protocol results from the national strategy to shift to the information society and maximizing the benefits from integrating ICT tools in the work systems in the different State sectors, particularly the medical sector, which receives a great care due its close relation with the life of Egyptian citizens.  

    This protocol activates the role of ICT tools to support the development of the cardiology department at internal medicine hospital, Ain Shams University via using advanced technology mechanisms in the department programs. This is meant to make full use of the potential of the advanced technology in the scope of health services management efficiency and of facilitating the work flow and procedures to visitors.

    According to the two-year protocol, subject to renewal upon the two sidesí approval, MCIT shall establish and renew the internal information network in the cardiology department to support both existing systems and applications. This goes in line with supplying and installing computers and printers required for implementing the aspired development.

    MCIT is committed, according to this protocol, to establish an information system to manage the department, consisting of the medical services provided to the patients and another system to manage the medical records.                      

    Furthermore, MCIT adopts a new mechanism in implementing the technological projects, namely: contracting with executing companies according to the system of payment upon the provided service, in order to maintain the continuity and the efficiency of using the developed systems.

    This new mechanism entails sustaining the regular updates of such developed systems, thus, fulfilling the hospitalís targets and saving efforts and time of calibers through assigning the IT issues to specialists.       

    This protocol was signed by, director of IT Infrastructure Sector at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Hesham El Deeb and Dr. Adel El-Etrebi, chief of cardiology department and intensive care at the medicine faculty, Ain Shams University. 

    Cooperation between MCIT and Ministry of Health has started since September 2006 through the cooperation in implementing a number of projects serving the medical sector via issuing plenty of cooperation protocols between both ministries in this regard. Some of these projects have been already executed whereas other projects are still in progress.

    One of the implemented projects is the development of the Egyptian Ambulance Services Authority, and finalizing the implementation of  the first phase of the National Network for treatment at the State expense via allocating 130 locations nationwide.

    In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the number of automated records has reached about 6.5 million records, while the number of issued decisions of treatment at the State expense has reached 15 million, in addition to providing a training program for  about 23 thousand employees at the ministry of Health.

    MCIT is looking forward to, through its strategy (2012-2017), to implement a number of projects aiming at providing medical services to citizens easily, reaching all patients and  providing treatment everywhere in Egypt, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

    One of such projects is launching mobile applications to facilitate delivering diagnosis and treatment remotely for disabled citizens and elderly people. This comes in the context of the implementation of the future national project of both MCIT and Ministry of Health to execute diagnosis and treatment remotely, and to provide the national database for endemic disease and a medical services portal.

    Moreover, these future projects include providing the medicine national database and the project of using information technology to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the medical bodies for the favor of the citizens.   

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