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    Dr. Mohamed Salem Inaugurates Cairo ICT 2012 in its 16th Round

    Cairo, 26 April 2012

    Under the auspices of MCIT, the  minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem inaugurated today the 16th round of Cairo ICT 2012 Trade Fair and Forum.

    The event is held on 26-29 April at the Cairo International Conference Center (CICC), under the slogan “The Spring of Technologies”.

    Three African ICT ministers participated at the inaugural ceremony: The Ethiopian Minister, Dr. Debretsion G/Michael, the Kenyan Minister, Hon. Samuel Lesuron Poghisio and the Sudanese Minister, Mr. Mohamed Abdelkareem El Had. This year’s Fair features Ethiopia as the guest of honor.

    In addition, deputy ministers of Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi along with ambassadors of Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi, Congo, South Sudan, Bahrain and counselor of the Iraqi minister of communications were also present during the inaugural ceremony.

    Also attending the ceremony, were officials of MCIT and chairpersons of its affiliated bodies, a number of international and regional figures, representatives of the participating countries, heads of boards of ICT companies and concerned experts concerned with the ICT industry.

    In Cairo ICT 2012 Trade Fair and Forum, around 300 Egyptian, regional and international ICT companies as well as a number of concerned governmental bodies are participating.

    The vast African participation in the Forum comes in response to the invitation that the Egyptian minister of ICT, Dr. Mohamed Salem has addressed to a number of African nations in the framework of the ministry’s outlook to activate partnership with African countries in ICT field.

    At this stage, the partnership comes as a priority for MCIT in implementing its strategic plan to generate more investment opportunities, thus leading to the creation of job opportunities for the benefit of the Egyptian economy.

    Cairo ICT 2012 Trade Fair and Forum is a good opportunity for Egypt and the Egyptian private sector to exhibit the latest innovations of ICT sector.

    Moreover, the exhibition is a fine prospect to display projects that could possibly present distinguished opportunities for cooperation between Egyptian companies and Nile Basin countries, and develop ICT sector in those countries.

    This comes out of Egypt’s keenness to carry on with activating its initiative to develop the information society in the Nile Basin countries, and contribute in expanding their communications’ sectors.

    Moreover, the initiative allows the opportunity to integrate ICT applications in social and economic sectors as well as other areas to overcome the problems of digital divide and its effects.

    The pavilion of MCIT, under the slogan “Egypt on”, comprises numerous bodies and organizations affiliated with the Ministry. Among these bodies are: National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Egypt Post, National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) and Information Technology Institute (ITI).

    Furthermore, MCIT pavilion encompasses Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC), Egyptian e-Signature Center for Excellence, Egyptian program for ICT development and Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT).
    Launched at this year’s exhibition, “Egypt On” slogan denotes the promotional campaign for the Egyptian ICT sector that targets local, Arabic, and African markets.

    Through the sponsorship of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), MCIT pavilion embraces 50 small and medium enterprises presenting their products in this year’s show.

    ITIDA has created a program of marketing support that targets micro, small and medium enterprises. The program asserts the commitment of ITIDA in supporting local market companies.

    MCIT pavilion also consists of a number of subsidiary booths. The African booth, one of the subsidiary stands, has been designated by MCIT to display the next five-year cooperation strategy of the Ministry with Africa, under the slogan “Technology Nile River Corridor”.

    Moreover, the strategy of MCIT aims at extending relations between Egypt and African countries, as well as opening communication channels between the Egyptian private sector and African countries in ICT fields.

    The African booth also displays the African technology home and its significant upcoming activities. The Egyptian IT companies also exhibit major projects that are being implemented in African countries in many fields.

    Among these projects are establishing and managing smart villages, documenting cultural and natural heritage, basic ICT infrastructure , training on outsourcing industry and exporting IT services, and other projects requested by the African countries for joint cooperation with the private sector in Egypt.

    Furthermore, the Egyptian booth showcases the winning projects of the World Summit Award contest, implemented by the UN for the global advancement of the digital content.

    The activities of the inauguration ceremony started with an opening session at Menkaure hall, titled “Targeting Africa”. The session was attended by MCIT minister, Dr. Mohamed Salem, accompanied by African ministers and participating delegation.

    In his speech, Dr. Salem welcomed the guests of Egypt and asserted the necessity of coordination and teamwork among African countries, to create a suitable integrated atmosphere, in the interest of all African countries in the promising ICT industry.

    African ministers also delivered their speeches and conveyed their contentment and gratitude towards Egypt for extending invitations to participate in this most prominent technological event at continental-scale in Africa.

    Later, ministers and delegations of participating countries toured the halls of the exhibition and visited pavilions of the companies. The tour aims to identify significant activities and technological solutions presented by the companies to the public, users and those interested in local, regional and global markets.

    Ministers and audience are scheduled to participate in the main session of the Forum at Nefertiti hall, where the role of ICT and its significance in meeting the needs of young Arabic societies, is to be discussed.

    During the second day, the events of the World Summit Award (WSA) are to be launched. This year, the Summit is hosted by Egypt for the very first time, and is organized by ITIDA. The minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem and the chairman of WSA Board of Directors, Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck, are expected to deliver their speeches then.

    At the Summit, the finest electronic content in culture, heritage, entertainment and games, in some countries like Austria, New Zealand, Venezuela and Ireland, are to be viewed.

    Moreover, bids for the best electronic content in business and trade in countries like Lebanon, Ghana and Finland are to be offered. Bids for the best e-content in e-government and institutions in Bulgaria, Estonia, India, Tunis and Netherlands, will follow.

    This year’s 16th round of Cairo ICT 2012 Trade Fair and Forum witnesses the holding of an award ceremony for e-content of WSA 2011. The Egyptian IT program for development, through the Egyptian “Erada Portal”, won the 2011 award.
    The said program, oriented on a portal project specializing in the care for the disabled and the ones with special needs, was named one of the best projects in the field of e-Inclusion & participation.

    During the events of the second day of the exhibition, a graduation ceremony for 237 trainees, holding executive managerial positions in 122 small and medium enterprises, will take place.
    The minister, Dr. Salem, ITIDA’s CEO, Mr. Yasser El-Kady and Managing Director at Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center (RITSEC), Dr. Moatassem B. Kaddah, shall distribute certificates of appreciations and awards for the best 15 trainees in Advanced Management Program (RAMP).
    Discussion panels during the second day shall tackle issues of exporting ICT products and services.

    On the sideline of the ceremony, Dr. Salem shall launch the portal of the Egyptian network for entrepreneurship, one of the fruits of the distinguished partnership between E-Learning Competence Center (ELCC), affiliated with TIEC, and International Imagine Nations Network Organization.

    The portal, developed by ELCC, is seen as the Egyptian and regional model for the international network of entrepreneurship.

     In addition, the Egyptian network of entrepreneurship is an electronic social communicating and connecting network that allows entrepreneurs and project owners of small and medium enterprises to communicate, connect and exchange expertise among each other.

    Their contact, as explained, facilitates the acquisition of all information, scientific and practical sources, as well as the attainment of various funding resources that contribute in the development of their business performance.

    Moreover, it helps entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses and obtaining necessary direction and guidance.

    At the end of the second day, a round of talks for UN organizations on opportunities and challenges of the Arab spring is to be held.

    United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), African Network Information Center (AfriNIC) and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA), are among the participating organizations.

    On the third day of the events of the Forum, the minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem, and the minister of Higher Education, Dr. Hussein Khaled, are scheduled to sign a joint cooperation agreement between their two respective ministries.
    The agreement, the first of its kind, is about launching a pilot project to provide 10 thousand tablet computers, locally manufactured, for the students of Egyptian governmental universities.

    Similarly, the minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem and the minister of State for Environmental Affairs (MSEA), Dr. Mustafa Kamel are to sign an agreement of joint cooperation between the two ministries on the use of environment friendly ICT applications in various fields.

    Housing, transport, energy, agriculture and irrigation are among the fields the agreement includes. This emphasizes the pivotal role of ICT in achieving sustainable economic and environmental development.

    During the events of the third day, a workshop on smart communications and developing mobile programs and applications shall be organized.

    A seminar under the title “satellites create knowledge world and precede all other communication mechanisms”, is to take place.
    The events of the third day are to be concluded by a workshop with Orange Labs Company on means of struggle against poverty through e-communication. Real experiences from countries like Nigeria, UK, Ghana, India and Bulgaria are demonstrated at the workshop.

    On the fourth and last day of Cairo ICT 2012 Trade Fair and Forum, an information security conference is scheduled to be held under the title “information security from cloud computing to personal computers”.  The conference engages in general security issues, as well as suitable legislation.

    Moreover, an important seminar, analyzing the government’s preparation for the coming presidential elections is to take place. Moreover, the role of database in the presidential race is to be discussed.

    During the seminar, acting Minister of State for Administrative Development, Dr. Ashraf Abdel Wahab, shall deliver a speech, followed by a round of discussions regarding the freedom of information act.

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