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    Dr. Mohamed Salem Witnesses the Graduation Celebration of ITI 32nd Intake

    Cairo, 11 July 2012

    - Dr. Salem Checks the ITI Graduation Projects under the Slogan of "Made at ITI"

    - Employment Rate of ITI Graduates Amounts to 81% at Local and International Companies

    - IT Companies Conclude Deals to Buy the Graduates’ Innovative Products to Be Launched at International Markets

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem Witnessed today the graduation of the 32nd class of the annual Professional Training Program organized by the Information Technology Institute (ITI).

    This year, a total of 508 graduates in 26 IT specialties graduated from various ITI premises in Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura and Assiut.

    ITI, since established in 1994, witnessed the graduation of several thousand trainees from all over Egypt. About 81% of the graduates of this class have been employed at local and international companies.

    ITI programs goes in line with the implementation of the Egyptian Information Society Initiative (EISI). The initiative aims at creating a promising generation of trained and qualified youth nationwide in order to meet the job market increasing demand of manpower in Egypt and abroad.

    A number of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) officials, members of the ITI board of trustees, companies involved in the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) program, prominent IT companies and families of the graduates are the attendees of the graduation ceremony.

    His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Salem states that the specialized policy of the Institute highly contributes to carrying out MCIT strategy of supplying the markets locally and abroad with highly qualified human calibers. Such calibers receiving the highest level of technical training in the world, play a major role in developing IT industry and services, especially the export of technological services, he says.

    Dr. Salem adds that the ITI supports MCIT plan to link the Egyptian sector with the global innovation and entrepreneurship wheel. This is one of MCIT major priorities in the coming phase in a bid to increase job opportunities in this field.

    According to Dr. Mohamed Salem, the Egyptian exports of business process outsourcing (BPO) this year amount to over $ 1.3 billion. The target is to increase this sum to reach $2 billion by 2013, hoping that it could reach $10 billion by 2020. Every specialist generates an average of $30,000/year.

    Dr. Mohamed Salem stresses on his deep trust in the Egyptian youth capable of achieving a lot in this domain, providing an added value to the Egyptian economy. To achieve such a target, he says, the Egyptian youth need to exert extra effort to attract more investments to this sector that has already achieved extraordinary quantum leaps. By doing so, we can surpass such a critical stage, he makes clear.

    Minister of ICT, Dr. Mohamed Salem checks the graduates’ projects in the exhibition held on the sidelines of the ceremony under the slogan “Made at ITI.” The graduates showcase at the exhibition their graduation projects and their new technological projects that embody their innovative ideas.

    Among the exhibited projects is the first prototype of a tablet PC carried out by a number of students from the Embedded Systems department in cooperation with industry experts and Cairo University.

    In the field of e-content, the first interactive prototype entitled “Think and Learn” is showcased. The e-content prototype aims at facilitating an integrated educational environment for 2nd year middle school students. This is to enable them to use planning, time management and information arrangement techniques.

    The prototype was tested at El-Tahrir Experimental School located in a remote village in Assiut. The results were presented before the teaching staff who praised their students’ experience.

    As part of ITI strategy supporting the video game industry, ITI graduates also display their products in this domain. A company has entered into a deal to buy two video games to be launched in local and international markets.

    A number of graduates of the ITI’s Education Development Program for Egyptian Universities (EDUEgypt) announce, during the ceremony, the formation of the first of its kind private contact center in Assiut in cooperation with ITI and Wasla Contact Center.     

    In this respect, Acting ITI Chairperson, Eng. Heba Saleh says that the institute’s strategy depends on communicating with the different industries and employment market to identify their needs of human calibers. This approach helps them instantly respond to the variables of local and international markets of all IT-related fields, she adds.

    Regional and international variables, she explains, play a major role in forming ITI training methodology. According to Saleh, ITI uses state-of-the-art programs and mechanisms in cooperation with industrial, academic and research entities.
    She points out that ITI continues putting into force a new vision for training. This perspective is based on enabling graduates to implement their technological ideas and innovations in the form of projects and products to disseminate the culture of entrepreneurship under the slogan “Made at ITI.” These graduates will manage to establish their own companies and projects and compete in Egypt and internationally.

    ITI enables its top graduates to join major European and American universities that had entered into cooperation agreements and scientific partnerships with the Institute. Joining any of these universities grants, an ITI graduate can acquire a master degree in one of the main ITI specialties based on his/her specialization.

    Information Technology Institute (ITI) is an important linkage between Egypt and major European and American IT specialized universities. Playing such a role, ITI enables distinguished students to join partner universities to pursue their post-graduate studies in a number of major IT fields.

    This is through activating protocols and training agreements between ITI and different specialized universities worldwide, such as Nottingham and Sunderland (England), Bergen (Norway), Calgary (Canada), Paderborn (Germany), Oregon (USA) and others. 

    ITI celebrating its graduating students, continues his mission of Human development, as it receives the next intake for the academic year (2012- 2013). The Institute is to announce the new intake in 20 July.

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