3 Aug 2020

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    ITI Announces the Admission to the Annual Scholarship for the 9 Month Professional Training Program

    Cairo, 29 July 2012

    ITI announces the annual scholarship for the 9- month professional training program of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) - intake 33, for the academic year 2012-2013, starting from the 3rd of August.

    The 9- month professional training program, offered through the four ITI branches in Cairo, Assiut, Alexandria and Mansoura, is to fulfill the institute mission to develop the Egyptian human calibers in the field of the information technology (IT). Throughout the study period, the 9- month professional training program students are offered cash incentives.

    The professional program aims at qualifying young distinguished Egyptian graduates to the local and international labor markets, to fulfill the needs of the Egyptian and international IT companies.

    Additionally, the 9-month training program including various training courses with different specializations endeavors to meet the needs of Egyptian and foreign IT companies for Egyptian calibers trained by the ITI to the highest international standards.

    In the framework of MCITs plan to support and sponsor technological innovation and entrepreneurship, ITI emphasizes fostering young innovators and entrepreneurs, qualify them to establish their own business, thus, strengthening their competitiveness on the local and international levels, and consequently, provide new job opportunities for young people.

    For the first time since the launch of the professional program 20 years ago, ITI provides international missions for distinguished graduates throughout the training period in some specializations.

    Moreover, ITI presents joint applied research programs with industrial institutions and specialized research universities. This year, ITI declares new specializations for intake 33. This is to open new markets for industries relying on the skills and innovative Egyptian capabilities in nano electronics and mobile learning.

    The employment rate in Egyptian and international companies for the previous intake 32, which included 508 graduates in 26 different specialties in ICT, has reached 81%. IT companies have been keen to hire students in some required areas, before even accomplishing their studies.

    Furthermore, ITI works as a linkage between Egypt and a number of leading European and American ICT universities. The institute grants the opportunity for its distinguished graduates to join universities abroad in order to obtain the master degree in a number of key IT areas.

    This is achieved through the activation of training agreements and protocols that have been concluded between ITI and many specialized international universities, among which are Nottingham and Sunderland in England, Bergen in Norway, Calgary in Canada, Paderborn in Germany, Oregon in the US and others.

    For registration and more information, please visit ITI website:

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