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    Minister of ICT Inaugurates ICT and Post Projects in South Sinai

    South Sinai, 17 October 2012

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Eng. Hany Mahmoud and South Sinai Governor General Khaled Fouda will inaugurate tomorrow a number of new projects in the fields of information and communication technology (ICT) and Post in the governorate.

    The new projects go in line with the strategy of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). This strategy aims at developing Sinai as well as facilitating ICT tools in remote and deprived areas nationwide, which is one of the priorities of the ministry in the coming phase.

    Eng. Mahmoud and General Fouda accompanied by Director of the MCIT's Human Development and Training Sector Dr. Ahmed Darwish will commence an IT House at South Sinai Support Center for Women in El-Toor city and another in Sharm El-Sheikh Sports Club.

    The MCIT provided the centers with computers, connecting them to networks and the internet, in addition to the technological equipment and training offered for the trainers working there.

    IT Houses offer citizens several community and technological services including e-government services via the e-government portal in cooperation with the Ministry of State for Administrative Development, training courses on basic computer maintenance as well as the Information Technology Institute (ITI) grants of basic computer skills and IT applications.

    Other services include training on building websites, providing programs to train specialized trainers in order to build a base of calibers from the South Sinai community, an e-commerce training program that aim at marketing the products of small projects and training them on offering illiteracy eradication programs and education for adults.

    During the inaugural ceremony, the Minister will inspect the program of qualifying trainers at the IT Houses as well as the center for rehabilitating citizens with special needs in El-Tour.

    Eng. Mahmoud got acquainted with the basic pillars of the program. He stressed on the necessity of putting the program into force so as to create a well-trained new generation of calibers that instruct and qualify their families who belong to the area to help them acquire distinguished job opportunities or support them found technological projects of their own.

    The MCIT has established 91 IT Houses so far. They encompass 1700 computers in addition to the printers and other IT aides in the 13 governorates of North Sinai, South Sinai, Giza, Suez, the New Valley, Luxor, Aswan, Damietta, Sharkia, Ismalia, Behaira and Assuit.  

    In a another development, Eng. Mahmoud, General Fouda along with Dr. Hisham El-Deeb, Director of IT Infrastructure Sector at the MCIT, will inaugurate the state-funded treatment unit at the South Sinai Medical Council in El-Tour. The unit is part of the MCITís implementation of the National Network for Citizen Health after being equipped by the ministry.

    The citizensí requests to obtain state-funded treatment have been received through the unit and handled with no need to get back to the headquarters of medical councils in Cairo.

    The purpose of the project is to connect the specialized medical councils, which are the entities in charge of releasing state-funded treatment orders, with the hospitals and the centers offering medical services. The project also facilitates the possibility of receiving treatment requests from all governorates, especially the remote ones, to ease the suffering of citizens. The first and second phases of the project cost about LE 12.5 million. It is carried out cooperatively between the MCIT and the Ministry of Health.   

    Around 1200 state-funded treatment approvals have been released so far through the network in South Sinai since the beginning of the year. About 1,100,000 approvals have been produced through the network nationwide since the beginning of the year via the project applications.

    The project has achieved many of its goals. The central information center at the specialized medical councils in Nasr City has already been equipped. A backup, alternative place has been established at the Ministry of Health. The project has effectively contributed to speeding up the process of generating approvals (4000 requests/day). A total of 1500 subsides have been set and connected. In addition, 104 public hospitals nationwide have been equipped and provided with ADSL.  

    Meanwhile, Minister Mahmoud and Governor Fouda accompanied by Acting President of the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) will inaugurate El-Moura post office in El-Toor city and El-Nour neighborhood post office in Sharm El-Sheikh.

    The two offices serve the neighboring villages linked to them in the two cities. Most regular and developed postal services are offered through the two offices such as instant money transfer services, saving accounts and cashing pensions for senior citizens. The two offices have been incorporated into the electronic network of ENPO. A total of 21 post offices are currently available in South Sinai.

    Separately, Eng. Mahmoud and General Fouda will commence the telephone exchanges and customer support center of Sharm El-Sheikh number 2. The center offers several services such as receiving requests of new landline subscriptions, selling additional landline features, invoice inquiries and billing. Moreover, the center provides ADSL services through TE Data, an affiliate of Telecom Egypt.

    The customer support center handles malfunctions after receiving the customersí complaints, distributes them over technicians to fix them then ensures the quality of services through conducting customer surveys.

    The current capacity of the digital exchanges center 2 of Sharm El-Sheikh reached over 5000 lines. The center has more than 2500 subscribers with a 56% subscription rate. This way the center is open for receiving more landline subscription requests.

    The future plan of telecommunication projects in South Sinai will focus in the coming phase on raising the capacity of the exchanges centers and landline networks, ending congestions as well as finalizing a CDMA network that covers the governorate via six base transceiver stations (BTS) with a total capacity of 3017 lines.

    The service has been delivered to over 1600 subscribers. The CDMA network facilitates the delivery of telecommunication services to all remote areas that are hard to reach via the landline networks in South Sinai. A total of LE 48 million have been spent on the telecom infrastructure of the governorate from 1999 till the end of 2011.

    Nineteen exchanges centers are now available in South Sinai with the capacity of 51184 lines and 20,000 subscribers. Also 486 public phones are available in the governorate in addition to private contact offices.

    There are around 193 villages and suburbs in South Sinai, all of which have been provided with the phone service. The number of switching circuits connecting the parts of the governorate together amounts to 560 in addition to 140 ones linking South Sinai to the other governorates nationwide. 

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