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    Signing a Cooperation Protocol with Ministry of State for Sports

    Cairo, 5 February 2013

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Atef Helmy and Minister of State for Sports, Mr. Al-Amri Farouq signed today a cooperation protocol.

    Developing  sports system in Egypt, as well as improving technical, administrative and financial work through enhancing the use of ICT in managing all services and duties of the Ministry of State for Sports are the main focus of this protocol.

    The cooperation protocol comes in the framework of implementing pivot points for the national project to achieve an Egyptian information society, as well as executing the ICT national plan to improve governmentís performance of administrative body and human and information development for State and civil society workers.

    Additionally, the protocol aims to provide updated information on sports through the use of a standardized information network for these sectors, providing systems to circulate data and information electronically.

    The protocol is also determined to make electronic signature system available, thus facilitating administrative, financial and technical procedures.

    Furthermore it endeavors to create a sports library that comprises all reference material on international and local sports activities, extract indicators for decision making for senior managerial levels and grant evaluation and follow-up mechanism.

    The protocol supports the governance of administrative and commercial information for Egyptian sports. It also aims to develop the performance of the administrative system for the Egyptian sport organizations and develop the performance of its financial and commercial activities, in addition to taking the right marketing decisions through the implementation of the following projects:

    1- Automization of work at the Ministry of State for Sports: through this protocol, work is to run automatically at the Ministry. This includes automization of financial and administrative affairs, as well as sports missions and affiliated bodies.

    2- Improving  work cycle at the Minister of State for Sportsí Office: to provide applications to manage various documents at the Ministerís technical office in the form of electronic files. In addition, integrate with the Ministryís automization tasks and improve work at the information center in preparation for generalizing this application in the various departments affiliated to the Ministry.

    3- Developing the Information Center of the Ministry of State for Sports: to improve the information center of the Ministry and establish information centers at affiliated directorates and link them to information centers at all bodies affiliated to the Ministry. The goal is to achieve best service performance for citizens and provide support methods and decision making for statistical reports and indicators.

    4- Developing the standardized portal for the Ministry of State for Sports: this is achieved via developing the e-portal of the Ministry, through which communication can be made with the public, providing e-services like SMS and communicating with affiliated bodies and their members. This is coupled with offering sports information (e-archive comprises all reference material of international and local sports activities.)

    5- Vehicle fleet management: to improve and facilitate services, control vehicle fleet owned by the Ministry of State for Sports and its affiliated bodies and monitor and manage human resources controlling the fleet.

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