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    Cooperation Protocol Signed with Ministry of State for Youth

    Cairo, 5 February 2013

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Atef Helmy along with Minister of State for Youth, Mr. Osama Yassin signed today a cooperation protocol.

    The protocol tackles the technological development of the Ministry of State for Youth.

    This protocol comes in line with MCIT confidence in its role towards activating its national plan to bring about human and information development. This is achieved by adopting a comprehensive program to implement its plan using ICT applications and tools.

    The protocol aims to promote development processes in the Ministry of State for Youth, provide services with best performance and quality through working on two pillars.

    The first pillar is government services; that include implementing rehabilitation training for State workers on using computers to develop information infrastructure at the Ministry and its affiliated directorates.

    The objective is to improve government performance, train youth staff at the Ministry on the basics and applications of computers, in addition to providing advanced training programs at work places for youth staff.

    It also develops workflow at the Ministry of State for Youth and its affiliated directorates through the use of programs designed to increase productivity, correspondence, archiving systems, connect the Ministry to its affiliated directorates and implement enterprise resource system at the level of the Ministry.

    Moreover, it promotes work efficiency at the office of the Minister of Youth through providing applications that allow the circulation of correspondences among various administrative levels within the technical office of the Minister.

    The goal is to generalize this application in the various departments of the Ministry and build geographical information system unit that consists of clubs, centers and hostels.

    The second pillar is providing training for school students on the use of computers, in a professional manner, through technology training camps at youth center, camps for students of tribes and valleys in coordination with directorates of education and youth.

    Furthermore, train children under the age of ten on the use of computers, teach young learners to maintain quality, use communication tools and study languages.

    This is in addition to holding competitions using computers by taking advantage of youth centers and technology homes, as well as training the ones with special needs in schools and technology homes.

    As for the community, there will be literacy training programs through technology homes, training young graduates in technology clubs, holding competitions using computers through youth centers and technology homes.

    There is also training on rehabilitation track to use computers through technology homes, which applies to State workers, teachers, students and civil society youth. This is in addition to training for the International Computer Driver's License (ICDL).

    It is expected to implement the above mentioned projects in multiple executive phases and for the duration of five years, including automation tasks and work system development at the Ministry of State for Youth.

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