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    New Cooperation Protocol Signed between MCIT and Prosecution General

    Cairo, 23 February 2013

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Atef Helmy and Prosecutor General, Counselor Talaat Abdullah signed today a new protocol.

    The protocol signed between MCIT and public prosecution targets modernizing judicial performance and public prosecution services, to facilitate litigation services, using IT applications.

    Ensuring litigants easy access to their full rights in line with constitutional and procedural legitimacy, the protocol comes in the framework of implementing the national plan of the State for modernizing tools and mechanisms of judicial work and its related services provided by public prosecution to facilitate litigation procedures.

    The current protocol is one of a successful chain of previously achieved agreements in projects implemented between the two parties.

    A positive former cooperation protocol targeted facilitating procedures, services provided for citizens and improving work conditions for employees was developed.

    Consequently this success motivated both parties to conclude a new cooperation protocol to develop and modernize work system at public prosecution and affiliated bodies.

    Moreover, the protocol aims to advance judicial and administrative work through developing the use of electronic transactions and modern technology tools, contributing to the transition to a digital society and building modern information society to save time and effort for citizens and public prosecution staff.

    This is accomplished by using IT to simplify, ease and secure procedures, facilitate supportive indicators extraction to make decisions for senior level management, contribute in raising quality of public prosecution services and match them with international quality standards and strengthening relations and building trust between judiciary and various State institutions.

    The protocol scope comprises a number of projects including developing information centers for public prosecution to host protocol projects and create sub information centers, the project of building a national strategy to manage digital identity and the project of propagating applications of criminal prosecutions.

    Furthermore, the scope encompasses finalizing the project of archiving personal status documents, developing a unified portal for services to members of public prosecution, modernizing and developing the project of banned-from-acting systems network, promoting an application to combat cyber crimes and a project to provide modernized e-services to receive public prosecution services.

    This protocol grants ICT companies new prospects and contribute in providing job opportunities for young people in various technology specializations required in many projects enclosed in the protocol.

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