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    Egyptian Cabinet Launches the National Project for School Development in 5 Years

    Cairo, 6 March 2013

    The Council of Ministers announced today activating the national project to develop education using ICT. The project includes expanding the infrastructure of education facilities, design electronic curricula and enhance human abilities for the staff.

    In the presence of Premier Hisham Kandil, the five-year cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Education was signed to activate this project.
    The protocol stipulates implementing a group of projects within the Ministry of Education based on five key pillars.

    The first one is concerned with education systems projects including digitization of curricula, proposing digital reactive books, developing education encyclopedias project for different branches of knowledge, making simulated systems, open-source software, and virtual laboratories available, in addition to establishing internet specialized education channels.

    The second pillar comprises projects of developing infrastructure for the education institutions such as the project of improving cloud computing for the Ministry of Education, provide tablet computers for school students, propose reactive means for students and teachers and connect schools to high-speed regular and wireless internet.

    The third pillar includes projects to develop human abilities for the Ministry of Education personnel like training administrators and teachers and develop human capabilities of students, let alone the project of supporting technical educations for students and graduates.

    The fourth one focuses on projects of ecological systems and sustainability such as using schools as centers for community education and activating cooperation between private sector and education institutions.

    The fifth and last pillar encompasses projects of automating administrative processes, establishing database for the staff of the Ministry of Education and creating database for learners and libraries.

    Additionally, there are also the projects of e-archive system, boosting vehicle fleet management system, developing the system of monitoring and inspection, as well as advancing the unified portal and call center of the Ministry of Education to receive complaints, suggestions or queries.

    The Council of Ministers said the national project to develop education aims to promote the quality of the final education product: students, prepare them for business market, cultivate their research and reading skills to counter challenges, thus achieving the strategic plan of the Ministry of Education which focuses on improving education process and enhance level of performance for all parties.

    There are various collaboration projects between the Ministry of Education and MCIT through which the latter contribute in activating ICT tools to boost educational processes.

    Among these projects are: smart school network project phase one and two, Egyptian education initiative (EEI), technical educational reform using ICTs and supporting the ones with special needs using ICT.

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