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    'Inclusive Employment for PwDs' Workshop to Hold in Cooperation with ILO

    Cairo, 28 September 2018

    The "Inclusive Employment for PwDs" workshop has been held under the auspices of the ICT for Comprehensive Community Development (ICT4CCD) Project, launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in partnership with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Raya Holding Company, aiming to discuss the concepts of inclusive employment for People with Disabilities (PwDs) and the importance of diversity and inclusion in work environments.

    The Workshop was held in the presence of the Regional Director of Egypt ICT Trust Fund Hoda Dahroug and the Senior Program Officer at ILO Heba Rashed.

    A series of workshops will be held to raise awareness among entrepreneurs about the integration of PwDs into the labor market by discussing assistive technologies used for people with visual disabilities, as well as providing the best technical solutions that can be used for people with motor disabilities and the appropriate jobs suitable for each group.

    The workshop is within the framework of the State's approach to caring for marginalized groups to achieve social justice, reflected through declaring 2018 as the Year for People with Disabilities. The declaration was adopted by MCIT through the implementation of several initiatives to enable different groups, including youth, women and PwDs to receive training and knowledge and develop their skills to build a technologically enabled society.

    The project, implemented in 12 governorates, aimed at creating employment opportunities for youth, establishing a network of companies supporting the recruitment of PwDs, and providing training to 55 trainers, more than 600 beneficiaries directly and more than 2600 beneficiaries through using information technology to help individuals who suffer from certain types of injuries or physical and motor disabilities, qualify them and support their independence.

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