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    MCIT Signing a Cooperation Protocol to Improve Electricity Sector

    Cairo, 12 March 2013

    Mr. Atef Helmy, minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Mr. Ahmad Mostafa Shaaban, minister of Electricity and Energy signed today a new cooperation protocol.

    The three-year protocol between MCIT and Ministry of Electricity and Energy tackles developing the performance of information technology systems in the electricity sector in Egypt.

    This comes within the framework of implementing ICT strategic plan, which aims to cooperate with all the entities and ministries of the state reaching an Egyptian Information Society, and a digital society through which all governmental services will be provided using technology in an easy and accessible way to all citizens.

    The renewable protocol aims to improve and upgrade the services in electricity and energy through techniques of information technology and communications, introducing systems and services that will improve work performance and increase communication and interaction with citizens.

    The scope of work of the protocol contains three main areas; the first area is the employeesĺ capacity building which will be done through the provision of training programs such as: security and confidentiality of applications, building and managing databases, designing and creating websites, and the management and security of information networks.

    The second area is providing technical support and applications which include: improving the electricity emergency service "hotline 121", and activating the mobile technology applications and SMS to provide services to electricity consumers in order to rationalize the electrical loads among consumers, and the use of ICT.

    The third area is the development of the Ministry of Electricity internal and external infrastructure by connecting the lines of communication between the various sites of electricity and energy sector in Egypt.

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